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Cloud Calendar Features

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Never miss a thing

With the Cloud Calendar app from WinWeb you can be sure that you’ll never lose track of important dates, events or appointments ever again. All the information you will ever need about your upcoming schedule is right there at your fingertips whenever you need it.

On-the-go reminders

The Cloud Calendar app is available on many handheld devices and smartphones as well as your laptop or netbook. Whichever device you prefer to take with you on the road, you can easily login to the app to see where you should be going next.


It’s impractical to physically carry a calendar around with you everywhere you go. But what if that calendar was accessible from a device that you already have on your person? The WinWeb Cloud Calendar app ensures that you always have the most current version of your schedule to hand.

Remote scheduling

Not only can you view your calendar on the road, you can also keep it updated whenever there is a change of plan. Other people in your business that also have access to the calendar are even able to update it for you with the latest information if they need to inform you about a change to your schedule.

Share your schedule

Make sure that everyone in your organisation knows where you are so that you can be contacted if they need to or let them know that you should not be contacted during specific times.

Customise your calendar

Get a calendar that suits your needs, whether you use it for business or personal reasons. You can get a design that reflects the image of your business or your own individual taste.

Quickly view your schedule

As soon as you open the Cloud Calendar app you will immediately see an overview of your upcoming appointments or any tasks that are due to end soon. No need to search around for the information you need because it is there at your fingertips as soon as you login.

Keep a permanent record

Ever struggle to remember where you were a few months or a year ago? You aren’t alone. Thankfully with the Cloud Calendar app from WinWeb you will have a full list of your history and can pinpoint the exact day you met with a contact or attended a business function.

Share important events

Make sure everybody in your organisation is up-to-date with your current whereabouts by keeping the calendar regularly updated. It is also a useful way of keeping track of all the holiday dates of your staff, so you won’t start panicking if you forget and wonder why they haven’t shown up to work!

Unlimited entries

We don’t punish busy businesses by putting a limit on the number of events they can add to their system. Any user of the Cloud Calendar app is able to schedule an unlimited amount of events so there is no need to upgrade your software just because your business is taking off.

Check colleague availability

Immediately see if your colleagues are free at a certain time or date so you know whether or not to include them in activities or assign them any tasks at that time. This way you can avoid stressing out your staff by not adding extra things to their workload when they can’t possibly do them.

Set reminders

You can choose to receive reminders about specific events in your calendar and you will automatically receive them as the date approaches. You may specify how frequently you wish to be reminded about it and also choose the wording of the reminder.

Private or public options

You may choose whether you want to share an event publicly with the rest of the organisation or if it is something personal like a birthday or anniversary then you also have the option of keeping it completely private and only viewable by you.

24/7 Support

If you get stuck we are here to help. We are always open for business - whatever timezone your business is in - so send our friendly support team a message and find out how we can help. You can also look on our forums or at one of our numerous help videos to see if your query is answered there.

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