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An Introduction to WinWeb Online Calendar

WinWeb Online Calendar gives your business an opportunity to create internal events and manage time efficiently, as well as allowing customers and clients to book appointments. An online calendar means anyone you require can access your business calendar through his or her own login details.

An Online Calendar will make sure that everyone in your business can see all vital meetings, annual leave dates and client appointments in one easy to view place. WinWeb’s Online Calendar app also allows clients to book appointments online, meaning that you can spend more time with each client and make sure you are never double booked again! A shared online calendar will give your business a unique way to book appointments with clients and schedule internal meetings. A shared online calendar is a great piece of software for every business.

What Is an Online Calendar?

An online calendar is an electronic facility that allows several authorised people to access and amend dates, events and meetings.

The information is kept in the 'cloud'; meaning it is held on an online server. This allows the information to be accessed from any number of computers and mobile devices such as tablet computers and mobile phones.

Because the Online Calendar is held on a server, rather than on a single computer, it allows several members of staff to edit it. This can, for instance, allow several call centre staff to make appointments for salespeople. It enables them to book appointments without double-booking and without having to waste time consulting with other bookers or the salesperson in question.

As the information is updated instantly, workers out on the road or working remotely from home can have access to the latest, up-to-date information at all times.

Access to the Online Calendar app can be restricted using password protection, so that only authorised staff can edit the Online Calendar and other staff can view, but not amend the details. This kind of access can also be given to clients and suppliers, offering them details about delivery dates and meetings, without allowing them to change any details.

Online Calendar To Increase Business Efficiency

Managing time is a key part of any business person's life. This is particularly true if a person travels a lot or has a number of appointments in a day. An online calendar provides a cheap and easy way of managing time more effectively.

The Online Calendar app can be viewed from any computer, anywhere in the world. It can be updated by anyone, allowing for appointments to be fixed and altered when someone is travelling. It is easy to get an instant overview of activities, allowing for appointments to be fixed in the most efficient way. This in turn can boost productivity.

As an online calendar is instantly updated, there is no opportunity for double booking and instant information can be given on availability. This is particularly beneficial for those managing a team which is out on the road a lot, such as a sales team.

Business software can be a major outlay and the different packages have to be carefully evaluated for the benefit they can bring to the company before a decision is made to buy it. However an online calendar from WinWeb is not an expensive software package and the organisational benefits it brings mean that it is well worth implementing for any business and also for private use.

A Shared Business Online Calendar to Help Your Business

Having one calendar that all the office can view and amend as necessary, is invaluable in any business without secretaries and PAs to take care of such matters.

An online calendar is the business software solution to help everyone know what everyone else is doing, which is vital if you have several staff booking appointments for sales people, for instance. It also makes light work of organising meetings and other events.

People who are on the move, visiting clients, for instance, or who work in several locations, perhaps in the office, at home, or at another branch, can access the information because it is held on the 'cloud' (an increasingly popular facility where the information is kept online), so they can view their calendar from any computer or smartphone, for total flexibility.

This kind of shared calendar makes sure that remote workers keep up to date with everything that is happening in the office; and that you know what your remote workers are doing.

Depending on your business, it is also possible to share a version of your calendar with customers and suppliers; and it makes organising any number of events simple.


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