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WinWeb components include:

Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP

Customer Service, Sales Pipeline, eCommerce, Financial Management, Inventory, Order Management, Billing & Invoicing, Shipping & Fulfilment, Purchase Management, Warehousing, Accounting, Subscription, Calendar, OnlineDisk and Time Billing and more ...

Projects & Tasks Management

Project setup, project history, project team management, project pipelines and charts.

Multi Location

Real-time integration of every fixed and mobile location, like multiple stores, multiple offices, delivery vans and trucks, will greatly enhance business efficiencies, save time and money.

Business Reporting & Analytics

Standard reports, including financial performance, client, sales, reporting and customised reporting.

Customer Service & Helpdesk

Delight your customers by streamlining your support and deliver faster customer care.

Big Data

Correlating internal business data with large scale external data sources to provide new insides into your business and open your business to new business opportunities.

eCommerce & ePOS

eCommerce solutions, from shop floor to online fully integrated into all aspects of WinWeb.

Private Business Cloud

Instead of hosting your cloud applications in the public cloud you can choose to have your WinWeb System in your own data center.

Client Relationship Management - CRM

360 degree client view including client history, client file store, social media, transaction & financial overview and many more customisation options for a complete client picture.

Business Planning & Budgeting

Business plan, cashflow forecast, SWOT analysis, business model canvas.


Take advantage of bank-feeds to further reduce human resources overheads and human error.

Email, SMS & Newsletter

Client communication via every channel possible, totally integrated.

Social Media Integration

Communicating with clients on all relevant social media platforms in an integrated way is essential for any sustainable business - and creates lasting brand awareness.

Online Disk & Data Backup

Keep all your data securely and online backed-up 24/7 and fully encrypted.

Desktop. Laptop. Tablet. Mobile.

Access your WinWeb on any device of your choice at no extra cost.

Website & Blog Integration

Interact with your clients. Automatically save data collected on your website to your CRM.

Some of the available WinWeb solutions are for the following verticals:

Technical Specifications


  • Any PC or Mac
  • Supported OS: Windows XP SP3, Vista, Windows7, Windows 8, Mac OS X 10.5 or greater, Linux
  • Supported Browsers: Internet Explorer Version 10 or greater, Mozilla Firefox Version 42 or greater, Google Chrome Version 45 or greater.
  • Other popular, supported, Web Browsers include Safari and Opera

Alternative Devices

  • An iPad or similar tablet
  • An iPhone or alternative Smartphone
  • Android Tablets
  • Android Smartphones
  • Some Windows Tablets
  • Some Windows Smartphones
  • Apps available from Apple iTunes store for IOS
  • Apps available from Google Play store for Android

Works With Your Online Tools

Compatible with online applications including PayPal, Skype, Google Checkout and many others are built in to your WinWeb as standard. Get paid by customers from around the world in a safe and easy way.

Transfer your Data

Your email settings, CRM, Contact data and accounting data can be transferred without effort to your WinWeb system simply. Just let us know what you have and we do the rest.

Work from Anywhere

By working from home or on the move, you save money and time.

Updates included

Because your WinWeb is 'Software as a Service' we manage all the updates for you. All you need to manage is the software on your computer. Just keep your web browser and antivirus up to date and you will be fine.

Data Encryption

Your login to WinWeb is via a Secure Socket Layer. This means that any data transferred between your computer and our servers is encrypted with 256Bit software providing you with peace of mind when working online.

Screen Sharing Support

Using the latest online technology, we can support you and your colleagues with screen sharing which allows us to see your problems first hand and helps to resolve them faster.

Old PC's Welcome at WinWeb

We don't discriminate, you won’t need the latest and greatest computer hardware for our software. Save money and use the computer you have already rather than needing to upgrade.

Web-Enabled Devices

Web-enabled devices from Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Siemens and Apple all support web browsers and support your WinWeb.

Nothing to Install

Cloud based software presented via a web browser means that you wont need to install any applications. We recommend that users of use the latest version of their preferred web browser.

No Long Contract

We provide a service that has no minimum term, that allows you to cancel with only 30 days notice, anytime.

WinWeb provides Business Management Solutions for any size of business at affordable prices, when compared to standard and stand-alone software.