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Whenever you use new software there comes this point when you sit in front of an empty screen and wonder 'What next, where to start, will it work or is it a waste of time?' - Our setup process changes all that, we set your apps up for you, customising and personalising, while we go along. When you start using your software you will see your branding and your data and just start working.

Data Import

Any data you deliver to us in a .csv format will be imported by us into your WinWeb Apps. We even assist in finding the data you already have in your existing software.

Company Details

We import all your company details and make sure you are displaying all the relevant information on your websites, invoices, estimates and any other output your WinWeb Apps generate and display.

User Setup

Setup We setup any of your team members as you want them to be setup. We give them all the necessary rights and make sure that the rest of your data remains confidential.

Bank Connect

Connecting your WinWeb Accounting or Cashbook App to your bank has never been easier, how? Simple, we do it for you and make sure any changes in the future are being taken care off.

Logo Upload

If you have existing art work you wish to use inside and outside of your WinWeb Apps, we will import, resize and display your artwork. On your login screen, invoices, estimates, websites to name but a few. If you change your artwork, we change it too.

Document Setup

All your external documents, like invoices, newsletters, helpdesk tickets, email signature files will be setup for you. We make sure your branding is consistent and visible to all your clients and prospects.


Domain Name & Email

WinWeb will host and maintain all your internet domains and email accounts for you and your team. We can also generate email signature files for every team member.

Mobile vCards

With over 6 Billion mobile phone contracts and 1.2 Billion mobile data contracts, a mobile website in the form of WinWeb vCards are essential and free with any WinWeb subscription.

Let us show you how you can upgrade your business to WinWeb today...