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WinWeb Benefits

Learn about the innovative features and benefits available in WinWeb.


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WinWeb and Web Browsers

We utilise the features of your Web Browser to provide Versatility within WinWeb. These features allow us to make WinWeb available to users with varying requirements. We use these features to enhance the user experience. Web Browsers

ARIA Support

Web Browsers support Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA). The ARIA standard has enabled the WinWeb to be more accessible for people with disabilities. We are taking advantage of advanced technologies like AJAX and JavaScript and can now easily interoperate with assistive technologies.

Enhanced Keyboard Navigation

Thanks to the Accessibility achieved with the enhanced keyboard navigation options in Web Browsers, you can navigate the web without a mouse. Press the Tab key, and your Web Browser jumps to the next password field, pop-up menu, or input field. For increased keyboard control, you can hold down the Option key while tabbing to have your Web Browser skip through every link on the page. And if you press the Return key, the highlighted link opens, letting you “point and click” with just a few keystrokes.

Full-Page Zoom

Zoom in or out on web content using keyboard shortcuts, Multi-Touch gestures, or the Zoom toolbar button for more comfortable reading. Images and graphics scale up while your text remains razor sharp, keeping the web page layout consistent as you zoom.

Minimum Font Size

If you find that text on some websites is too small to read (such as photo captions or fine print), Web Browsers can increase the font size to make it more legible. Just set the minimum font size in the Advanced pane of Browser's preferences.

Closed Captions for HTML5 Video

Web Browsers can now deliver a better user experience. WinWeb is using the advantages provided by with HTML5 to deliver services that no longer require the user to install extra software. HTML5 also provides better storage options and is a solution to faster applications that will be Accessible universally across all mobile devices.


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Business Bootstrapping

Business Bootstrapping is a great way to start and run a business. Our Affordable low monthly subscription pricing supports Business Bootstrapping allowing you to grow your business without breaking the bank. Business Bootstrapping

No Long Term Contracts

There are no long term contracts to be signed with us, you can up or down-grade anytime, no notice necessary. Maximum flexibility and no hassle for you and your business.

Cost Control

Our easy up and down-grade policy allows you to keep your cost under control, no questions asked.

No Capital Expenditure

No need to buy expensive servers, install expensive server software and hire an IT professional to get your IT set up. We save you thousands with our low monthly subscriptions and have you up and running in hours.

Grows With Your Business

Need to hire more staff, no problem - we set your new staff member up in minutes and provide training, all for an Affordable low additional monthly subscription.

Cancel Anytime

If, for whatever reason, you wish to leave us, there is no long term contract to worry about, just one months notice. We will keep your data for twelve months, just in case you change your mind.

Low Monthly Cost

Keeping cost under control is easy with our affordable low monthly subscriptions.

Book your free WinWeb demonstration today and find out how you could benefit by using WinWeb.


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No Data Duplication

Because all our business software is highly integrated, no need to enter the same date more than once.

No API Hassle

There is no need to learn how to share your data between different applications of different vendors. Because we are an 'All-In-One' business platform provider, we handle all your data for you, even if you want to connect to service providers like eBay or PayPal.

Easy To Use

Our 'All-In-One' business platform offers a consistent user interface.

One System

Having one flexible system makes your life and that of your staff less stressful and prevents unnecessary errors. It makes your business more efficient and profitable.


Every business is different. WinWeb is cost-effectively customizable meaning you have more control over your business, your business processes and can provide unique services to your customers.

Highly Integrated

With high data integration comes high customer satisfaction. Your staff can handle inquiries faster and better, your business looks more professional.


In today's business environment providing your staff and clients with the right tools to interact with your business is essential to business success.

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Cloud Computing

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Anytime. Anywhere. Anyone.

Cloud Computing will allow you to access your business data anywhere and anytime. You are always open for business and take advantage of any business opportunity right away. Anytime, Anywhere


You and your staff can use our software on any platform you want, i.e. Macs, PCs, Tablets. In the office, working from home or on the road - a consistent user interface to increase productivity.

No IT Department

All your servers are in a physically secure location. You don't need a whole department to run your IT - saving you money, time and downtime.

Better Customer Service

Because you can access all your business information anytime you can offer fast and reliable customer service, even when you are on holiday or over the weekend.


Running your business the way you want is an essential part of your business success. Our software works how and when you want to work.

Software Updates Included

All software updates happen automatically at no extra cost.


WinWeb, You and the Environment - using Cloud Computing will help you not only to save money and time, it is very good news for the environment too. Using WinWeb will make you do your bit for the Environment too.


Cloud Computing Security All your data is backed-up automatically. With WinWeb you can be back in business in no time.

Find out how WinWeb can help your business today, book your demonstration today.


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Works With Any Internet Browser

Internet browsers are generally all supported. We develop our software to be compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers. Keep your internet browser up-to-date for your own security.

Minimum System Requirements

A computer should have 4GB RAM or more, hard-disk space to store back-up data from WinWeb, a monitor with 1600 x 900 pixels resolution and an internet connection.

Works With Your Online Applications

In the same way other online applications like email services from Google, Yahoo!, Outlook, AOL and others can easily be transferred to and accessed from WinWeb.

Online applications like PayPal, Google Pay and many others are built into WinWeb. A safe and easy way to get paid.

Works With Your Favorite Applications

WinWeb is Compatible with most of your favourite applications.

Accounting data from other software packages like Sage, QuickBooks, Xero, MYOB, Mamut and others can be imported via .csv-files. Should you need any assistance we are happy to help.

Customer Support

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Free Training

To get you started with our software and/or services we offer free training sessions. Getting up and running with your new software is essential to avoid business interruption.

Support Tickets

Every time you contact us we create a Support ticket. We document the conversation relating to your enquiry, including the solution. These tickets are available to you for later reference.

Email Support

We offer Support via email, usually we respond to you within two hours. You can always respond to the emails we send you to update any issues you have raised with us.

Screen Sharing

We may use screen sharing technology, i.e. we share our screen with you or ask you to share your screen with us. This allows us to look at the same screen and easier understand your issue or show you how to do certain tasks. This technology is trusted and requires you to authorise each session in which we would see your screen. You are in control at all times.

Phone Support

In some cases we may decide to call you back this is completely free of charge. Phone Support


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Setup Changes

Customisation give customers the opportunity to change their WinWeb settings as often as they like, we understand that business evolves and priorities change.

Customize WinWeb


Our pricing for Customisation is very competitive. You run your business your way, we customise your WinWeb so it works for you.

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You Can Help, Work Online

There is a lot one can do to help the Environment with the choices we make buying products and services. By using the WinWeb Business Cloud as your business application you will not only gain all the benefits, but reduce your businesses Carbon Footprint.

WinWeb You and the Environment

Paperless Office

WinWeb will allow you to keep your information online and reduce your environmental footprint.

No Plastic. No Packaging

We don’t need CDs or DVDs to distribute our software. No packaging for us to send and you to bin.

Working from Home

Working from Home By working from home, you and nobody else needs to heat an office for you. It saves money too.

No Paper Manuals

Our support is online. No need for manuals that would be out of date next week anyway.

No Shipping

No Shipping We deliver our product and services electronically, no need to transport boxes and burn fuel.

WinWeb is Carbon Neutral

Our aim is to be Carbon Neutral by 2035

Less Infrastructure

Outsourcing to WinWeb will double the benefits to our climate and save you money.

Use of e-Documents

Using electronic documents helps the Environment.  

Less Travel

WinWeb works anywhere and anytime and is designed to help you collaborate worldwide with your colleagues without travel.

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Reduced Office Costs

Keep down your cost and increase productivity. The cost savings are on office space costs and all associated costs, i.e. heating, lighting, business rates, rent.


No commuting costs, less demand for our already overloaded transport infrastructure, no need to heat and light extra workspace, cost savings for your business - these are just a few environmental benefits. Local Coverage

Skills Shortage

With so many highly trained and motivated parents and carers bound to their homes, Homeworking represents a great way to include the Homeworkers in our economy and workforce. Even if they can only work part-time, WinWeb allows you to integrate these Homeworking colleagues cost-effectively.

Business Resilience

Strikes, severe weather and other events can threaten business continuity. Homeworking using WinWeb can often carry on working when this is impossible for office-based colleagues.

Workforce With Disabilities

This is a great way to include disabled people in your workforce, or those who care for disabled family members.

No Capital Expenditure

Most Homeworkers already have a computer, broadband and office furniture - saving you money and improving your cash-flow.

Better Work-Life Balance

More work freedom and flexibility, less stress and cost with commuting. This is especially true for parents with caring responsibilities for children.

Local Coverage

Homeworking offer a great way to have local offices and support clients in local communities at no extra cost. Local Coverage Find Out More About Homeworking...


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All-In-One Business Solution

WinWeb is an integrated approach to back office services, business IT and online business activities.

Integrate eCommerce

Online activities are core to any business today. Booking online sales from BigCommerce, Amazon, eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce and many more are all available in WinWeb.

Integrate Customer Care

Integrate Customer Care Your customers represent your businesses value. Using WinWeb will help your business handle online customer enquiries, service your customers on-time every time makes good business sense. How does your customer care stack up?

Integrated Sales Order Processing

Handling sales inquiries professionally will leave your customers feeling safe in the knowledge that they have chosen the right supplier. It will generate repeat business and word-of-mouth marketing for your business.

Integrated Accounting

Integrated Accounting in WinWeb is part of the Order Process. Reducing errors and repetition when entering data avoids errors and saves time. The results are available online instantly. Integrated Accounting

Integrate Customers

Allow customers to become part of your organisation, with our client login module. Clients can see their statements, orders and much more. Clients can even make their own appointments with you or your team.

Integrated Technology - IT

I.T. is more than only software, it is servers, IT maintenance, software upgrades and installation, data back-up, fire-walling and much more - all this is included in WinWeb.

Integrated EPOS

Business in the high-street is an important part of the business cycle. These sales need to be integrated with your IT system without breaking the bank. It saves money, time and provides you with an always up-to-date view of your business.

Integrated Security

Problems happen, hard-disk failures, thefts, strikes, fires, flooding, terrorism and so on - business continuity is essential for business survival. WinWeb allows you to work even if your office is closed.

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Data Security.

We keep your data secure by restricting access using firewalls and only accessible using the WinWeb Portal. Login to the Portal is secured using encrypted passwords and two factor authentication (2FA).

Physically Secure Server Location

Physically Secure Server Location A major part of data Security is physical Security of servers and data with Secure Access procedures.

Advanced Fire-protection

All servers are housed in a fully air-conditioned and cleaned air environment, coupled with an automatic fire prevention, detection and extinguisher system to keep your data as Safe as possible.

Server Management

Around The Clock Server Management All servers are monitored by trained specialists 24/7. This way we do not only rely on automated systems to watch over security of your data.

Virus & Spam Protection

Anti-spam and anti-virus applications minimise the annoyance of this kind of online behaviour. This kind of technology is in constant flux and requires constant attention and upgrades to our systems. To maximise these efforts we employ multiple and diverse systems.

Multi-location Hosting

Just because you never know what disaster may happen tomorrow, we use multiple secure locations to back up all your data on a continuous basis, enabling business continuity to the highest possible degree.

Multiple Firewalls

Multiple Firewalls Multiple firewalls for your data protection, robust stateful inspection, application layer security and Denial-of-Service attack protection. Using state-of-the-art security technology is part of the WinWeb experience.

We Are Online 99.999% Of The Time

Multiple Power sources and battery back system enable us to deliver an SLA of 99.999%.

SSL, Passwords And Data Encryption

All external access to WinWeb and servers is via SSL – Secure Socket Layer only. All of your data is readable only after a login/password challenge, otherwise not by us or any third party due to our data encryption technology. Only you can give access to your data.

RAID Data Storage

Multiple RAID-5 and RAID-10 Data Storage Hi-Speed data storage is used to ensure optimum performance, ideal for data-base driven applications like WinWeb.

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Company Data

We import your company's data for CRM, Accounting and inventory.

Logo Upload

If you have existing artwork you wish to use inside and outside of WinWeb, we will import, resize and display your artwork. On your Invoices, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and Quotations. If you change your artwork, we change it too.

Data Import

Any data you deliver to us in a .csv format will be imported by us into your WinWeb system. We even assist in finding the data you already have in your existing software.

Bank Connect

Connecting your WinWeb Accounting to your bank has never been easier. WinWeb imports CSV data from your bank directly to Accounting.

Document Setup

All your external documents, like invoices, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and Quotations will be setup for you. We make sure your branding is consistent and visible to all your clients and prospects.

User Setup

Setup We setup your team members to provide the access they need. We allow the necessary rights and ensure that your data remains confidential.

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Software as a Service – SaaS

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Work and collaborate, anytime and anywhere

WinWeb allows you to work with your accountant, colleagues, virtual assistants and others in real-time at anytime - whatever your business needs.

No commuting - No time wasting

With online technology you can work from anywhere, no need to travel to an office. Run your business from home and benefit in terms of time, money and investment.

SaaS - Everyone Online

WinWeb is always up to date

This really is one of the main benefits of SaaS. We make all the software updates on our servers, so you don't have to do anything. No update hassle and worry anymore. There are no "Update available - Please download" messages and no CDs / DVDs updates arriving in the mail.

No More Software Installation

Since our software comes to you via your internet browser, there is no need to install anything. Your printer will also work with our software without installation or any modifications.

No Long Contract

No minimum term, cancel anytime. This puts you in control.

No security issues - No business interruption

Your data is continuously backed up onto multiple servers in secure data centres - if that is not enough you can make a copy of your data anytime onto your PC or a CD. Should your computer crash or get stolen - no problem, just log on to another computer and keep working - can your competition do that?

Never pay for software "updates" again!

No matter if we update or bug-fix, you will never have to pay for them again, it is all part of our service.

Fully Compatible with any Operating System

Our software runs on any Operating System (OS) with Linux, Mac, Windows and some others - you login and use it.

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WinWeb can help with structural versatility issues.

Growing your Business

Use WinWeb to help to grow your business, focus on your growth and not an IT.

Organisation Restructuring

Business restructuring is easy with WinWeb with no contract lock-ins. WinWeb Adaptability

New Team Members

New employees, departments, products, offices are easy, fast and cost-effective to integrate.


Reducing overheads and increasing productivity, allowing homeworking becomes a real driver for your bottom line with WinWeb.

WinWeb Bespoke Solution

Every WinWeb installation is a bespoke solution, whether you are an established or start-up business. versatility is part of the package for each client. WinWeb Useability