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The Way We Keep Your Data Safe.

Talking publicly about our Security measures is always a double-edged sword, since we feel our clients need to know what we do to keep their data safe, to judge us against other providers, while not giving away too much for obvious Security reasons. No Security system is ever perfect and totally Secure, but data protection legislation requires a minimum Security standard, which we and our partners surpass by what we believe to be a big margin.

Major Internet Nodes

Our servers are located at the major internet nodes globally. This ensures the fastest possible access to our Business Cloud, despite capacity challenges with most broadband clouds.

Physically Secure Server Location

Physically Secure Server Location A major part of data Security is physical Security of servers and data, with Secure access procedures to ensure compliance.

Advanced Fire-protection

All servers are housed in a fully air-conditioned and cleaned air environment, coupled with an automatic fire prevention, detection and extinguisher system to keep your data as Safe as possible.

Virus & Spam Protection

New and enhanced anti-spam and anti-virus appliances minimise the annoyance of this kind of online anti social behavior. This kind of technology is in constant flux and requires constant attention and upgrades to our systems. To maximize these efforts we employ multiple and diverse systems.

Around The Clock Server Management

Around The Clock Server Management All servers are monitored for abnormal behaviour, managed, serviced and upgraded 24 hours everyday by trained specialists. This way we do not only rely on automated systems to watch over your data’s Security.

Multi-location Hosting

Just because you never know what disaster may happen tomorrow, we use a second Secure location to back up all your data on a continuous basis. Practically reducing any possible data loss to a few hours, thus enabling business continuity to the highest possible degree.

Multiple Firewalls

Multiple Firewalls Multiple firewalls for your data protection using NAT, non-routable IP space, robust stateful inspection, application layer Security and multi-vector attack protection, should keep you and us sleeping well. Using state-of-the-art Security technology is part of our Business Cloud experience.

We Are Online 99.999% Of The Time

The 2N+1 high power redundancy system – two different power feeds from two different power stations plus back-up power from installed power generators and UPS – has enabled us to deliver an SLA of 99.999% over the last 14 years and allows us to confidently promise this performance in the future

VPNs, SSL, Passwords And Data Encryption

All external access to our Business Cloud and servers, except for public http services, is via VPNs – Virtual Private Networks and SSL – Secure Socket Layer only. All of your data is readable only after a login/password challenge, otherwise not by us or any third party due to our data encryption technology. Only you can give access to your data.

Multiple RAID-5 & RAID 10 Data Storage

Multiple RAID-5 and RAID-10 Data Storage Using dual 4 Gb fibre-channel data storage with up to 32 15′000 rpm SAN drives, ideal for data-base driven applications like those included with our Business Cloud, ensures optimum performance. Add RAID levels 5, 6, 50 and 60, and you are talking about a highly Secure and maximum performance data delivery system.

You Can Take Part Too

If you feel like backing up your own data, then your Business Cloud has an easy to use function for you to use anytime too. However, keeping your operating system, internet browser and anti-virus software up-to-date is the best way to add to your data Security, while enhancing your computers performance at the same time.

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