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Software as a Service – SaaS

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Work and collaborate, anytime and anywhere

WinWeb allows you to work with your accountant, colleagues, virtual assistants and others in real-time at anytime - whatever your business needs.

No commuting - No time wasting

With online technology you can work from anywhere, no need to travel to an office. Run your business from home and benefit in terms of time, money and investment.

SaaS - Everyone Online

WinWeb is always up to date

This really is one of the main benefits of SaaS. We make all the software updates on our servers, so you don't have to do anything. No update hassle and worry anymore. There are no "Update available - Please download" messages and no CDs / DVDs updates arriving in the mail.

No More Software Installation

Since our software comes to you via your internet browser, there is no need to install anything. Your printer will also work with our software without installation or any modifications.

No Long Contract

No minimum term, cancel anytime. This puts you in control.

No security issues - No business interruption

Your data is continuously backed up onto multiple servers in secure data centres - if that is not enough you can make a copy of your data anytime onto your PC or a CD. Should your computer crash or get stolen - no problem, just log on to another computer and keep working - can your competition do that?

Never pay for software "updates" again!

No matter if we update or bug-fix, you will never have to pay for them again, it is all part of our service.

Fully Compatible with any Operating System

Our software runs on any Operating System (OS) with Linux, Mac, Windows and some others - you login and use it.

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