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Online Task Manager Features

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Prioritise your time

You can set the priority of each task you enter into the Task Manager app so that you make the most of the hours in your working day. Don’t waste your time on unimportant issues when you might have urgent critical issues that need attending to.

Tackle complex projects

Large projects run much more smoothly when they are broken down into their component parts. It can be very difficult to know where to begin when faced with a large project. Use the Task Manager app to make distinctions between the different stages of your project and split it into more manageable sized tasks, but also keep them connected as part of the same overarching project.

Get timely reminders

You won’t forget about deadlines ever again because the Task Manager will automatically email to remind you whenever something needs to be completed. You’ll also receive notifications if the priority of the project changes or if a member of your team updates your task.

No project restrictions

Users of the Task Manager app are not limited in any way in terms of the amount of multiple tasks they have on the go at once, nor is there any restriction on the number of times there is an update to a task.

Simple to use

The Task Manager app is incredibly powerful and useful but also very easy to use. Every person on your team will be able to use it, with no specialist IT knowledge required – a very important factor if you require every member of your team to contribute to your projects.

Set completion dates

Make sure there is no confusion amongst anyone on your team about exactly when a task needs to be completed. Large projects often have a number of mission-critical time-sensitive components so you need everyone involved to be on board with your timings.

Schedule your working day

On a smaller scale and a more personal level, the Task Manager app can also be used to take better control of your work schedule. You can add private tasks that only apply to yourself for your own personal reference, no-one else need see them.

Assign tasks

When there is a lot of people all working on the same project, you need a better way of delegating work to others rather than simply emailing people. With the Task Manager you have complete control over every task and will receive updates on them all in one place.

Better task resolution

You could use the Task Manager to have final signoff or approval on the work that your team completes before it gets resolved in the system. Whenever you or a member of your team completes a task in its entirety, it will all still be there for you to search through the archives.

Set yourself goals

The Task Manager app can also be used to set more long-term low priority goals that you want to achieve over the course of the year and because you will always see them in your system whenever you login it will keep them fresh in your mind.

Keep tasks organised

You can sort the tasks in a number of ways, including by priority or progress, so there is no way of missing your most important tasks. It is also possible to search the task database to find what you are looking for.

Manage tasks from anywhere

If you have a mobile device then you can manage your tasks wherever you travel. Even though you are away from home or the office it doesn’t have to prevent you from running your business as usual from your smartphone, laptop PC or tablet device.

24/7 Support

If you get stuck we are here to help. We are always open for business - whatever timezone your business is in - so send our friendly support team a message and find out how we can help.

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