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All-In-One Business System

WinWeb Business Cloud is an integrated approach to back office services, business IT, online business activities and human resources management for the 21st century.

Integrate Website/eShop

Online activities are core to any business today, they are not a standalone entity. Gaining business intelligence, booking online sales in your accounting, handeling online customer questions professionally, sending out email newsletters are all included in WinWeb Business Cloud.

Integrate Customer Care

Integrate Customer Care Your customers represent your businesses value, now and in the future. Using customer care technology which helps you to service your customers on-time every time makes good business sense. How does your customer care stack up?

Integrate Sales

Handling sales inquiries professionally will leave your customers feeling safe in the knowledge that they have chosen the right supplier. It will generate repeat business and word-of-mouth marketing for your business.

Integrate Marketing

Every time you help a client to achieve their goal you have the opportunity to turn this fact into a almost automated online marketing campaign - one that people trust and will bring new clients to your door.

Integrate Accounting

Accounting seems like an annoying chore, but unfortunately it is essential to understanding your business and keeping your business up-to-date. It allows you to see the effects of your marketing, online instantly and in black and white. Integrate Accounting

Integrate Customers

Allow customers to become part of your organisation, with our client login module. Clients can see their projects, statements, bookings and much more. Clients can even book their own appointments with you or your team, book a car service, a consultation or a hair cut.

Integrated Business Planning

Having a plan is always a good thing. Success is not luck, it's having a plan and focusing on it. That way you can evaluate more objectively if your business is performing the way you expect it too. If you do not have a plan/goal, you don't know if you are successful.

Integrate Social Media

Social Media is here to stay. These are new exciting channels to communicate with clients, create product and service awareness, keep clients up-to-date on the latest offerings and continuously engage with clients and prospective new clients. Every management system today needs to integrate with social media.

Integrated IT

IT is more than only software, it is servers, IT maintenance, software upgrades and installation, data back-up, fire-walling and much more - all this is included in WinWeb Business Cloud.

Integrate EPOS

Business in the high-street is an important part of the business cycle. These sales need to be integrated with your IT system without breaking the bank. It saves money, time and provides you with an always up-to-date view of your business.

Integrated Security

Problems happen, hard-disk failure, theft, strikes, fires, flooding, terrorism and so on - business continuity is essential for business survival. WinWeb Business Cloud allows you to work even if your office is closed.

To find out how WinWeb's Business Integration will benefit your business, book a free consultation today...