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Reduced Office Costs

Keep down your cost and increase productivity. The cost savings are on office space costs and all associated costs, i.e. heating, lighting, business rates, rent.


No commuting costs, less demand for our already overloaded transport infrastructure, no need to heat and light extra workspace, cost savings for your business - these are just a few environmental benefits. Local Coverage

Skills Shortage

With so many highly trained and motivated parents and carers bound to their homes, Homeworking represents a great way to include the Homeworkers in our economy and workforce. Even if they can only work part-time, WinWeb allows you to integrate these Homeworking colleagues cost-effectively.

Business Resilience

Strikes, severe weather and other events can threaten business continuity. Homeworking using WinWeb can often carry on working when this is impossible for office-based colleagues.

Workforce With Disabilities

This is a great way to include disabled people in your workforce, or those who care for disabled family members.

No Capital Expenditure

Most Homeworkers already have a computer, broadband and office furniture - saving you money and improving your cash-flow.

Better Work-Life Balance

More work freedom and flexibility, less stress and cost with commuting. This is especially true for parents with caring responsibilities for children.

Local Coverage

Homeworking offer a great way to have local offices and support clients in local communities at no extra cost. Local Coverage Find Out More About Homeworking...