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What is a freelancer?

The term freelancer refers to anyone who works for themselves and is not employed by a particular person or organisation in the long-term. They will accept work from individuals or businesses but only usually on a project basis. Once the project is over the freelancer has no further commitment to them.

The role of a freelancer can vary between different industries. In short, a freelancer is anyone working for a company without being directly employed by them as a standard waged member of staff.

Why is freelancing a great way of earning a living?

The real benefit of becoming a freelance worker is that you are in control of your own destiny and while you may work under a number of people you are essentially your own boss. This gives you the opportunity to approach tasks with independence and ambition.

Freelancing allows you greater freedom in how you want to work. The majority of freelancers have the ability to select which projects they would like to embark on, rather than getting stuck in a rut with a day job and constantly being told what to do forever. As soon as the project is over the freelancer can move on and never have to work with those people again if they don't want to.

How can you run a successful freelancer business with WinWeb?

WinWeb can help freelancers properly organise their affairs and their business in a number of ways. Using the power of cloud computing you can access financial planning & management tools and software. You can also use secure data backup to keep your precious information secure and easily retrieve it at any time.

Freelancing often means you are on the move with no fixed office. If a freelancer were to lose their laptop it would mean a big disruption to their work, but with software from WinWeb they can store all their data online and face no interruption to their working day.

The internet has made it easy for freelancers in any industry to become successful without the need to make a large initial investment into their business idea. It has opened up completely new markets and avenues of business for freelancing that never would have been possible twenty years ago.

Find out if freelancing is for you

The best way to find out if freelancing is for you is simply to give it a go. If you have a specific skillset that is in demand, you should be able to find work in your chosen industry with ease.

Industries that are most suited to freelancers are often those that involve writing, editing or translation. This could be for almost anything, ranging from publishing a magazine to creating software code. As long as you have a skillset that is in demand you are a suitable candidate for freelancing.

With the support of WinWeb's services it should be simple to stay on top of your finances, clients and customers if you do take the plunge.

Freelancer | WinWeb Cloud Apps


A Freelancer has to deal with multiple on-going projects simultaneously. Take better control of the tasks you work on for clients with the help of the Projects APP and improve your project management skills.


Always stay in control of the money coming in and going out of your business with the Cashbook APPs. Manage your finances and invoice your clients without any hassle, all within one fully integrated system.


Let people know your business exists. Make sure that the whole world is able to contact you with ease via your own Mobile & Desktop website to serve as your online business card for a worldwide audience.

Time Billing Extension

As a Freelancer your time is valuable, so you need a way of making sure that you are compensated for all of the work you do. With the Time Billing extension you ensure that no time is ever wasted.


Each WinWeb APP is just a small part of a much larger fully integrated offering. Giving you and your business an easy growth path for your I.T. now and in the future.

Happy Customers

A happy customer will recommend you to their friends. WinWeb APPs help keep your customers happy, deliver superior customer service and get access to your data 24/7.

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