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You Can Help, Work Online

There is a lot one can do to help the Environment with the choices we make buying products and services. By using the WinWeb Business Cloud as your business application you will not only gain all the benefits, but reduce your businesses Carbon Footprint.

WinWeb You and the Environment

Paperless Office

WinWeb will allow you to keep your information online and reduce your environmental footprint.

No Plastic. No Packaging

We don’t need CDs or DVDs to distribute our software. No packaging for us to send and you to bin.

Working from Home

Working from Home By working from home, you and nobody else needs to heat an office for you. It saves money too.

No Paper Manuals

Our support is online. No need for manuals that would be out of date next week anyway.

No Shipping

No Shipping We deliver our product and services electronically, no need to transport boxes and burn fuel.

WinWeb is Carbon Neutral

Our aim is to be Carbon Neutral by 2035

Less Infrastructure

Outsourcing to WinWeb will double the benefits to our climate and save you money.

Use of e-Documents

Using electronic documents helps the Environment.  

Less Travel

WinWeb works anywhere and anytime and is designed to help you collaborate worldwide with your colleagues without travel.

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