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An Introduction to WinWeb CRM

WinWeb CRM software offers your business the opportunity to store all of your customer's details in an address book, with the added functionality of a fully functional CRM system, including cloud storage and an online calendar.

What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management is the process of managing the contact that a business has with its customer base. CRM is primarily focussed on increasing sales, but it also has a lot of useful applications for more accurate marketing, customer service and after-sale support.

The main aim of CRM is to find, attract and win new clients but there is also a lot of focus on trying to convince former customers to return and reducing the cost of your marketing activities. It does this by using technology to compile all these processes together.

CRM allows you to keep track of all your dealings with customers in one place; giving you access to customer details and records no matter where you are. A CRM system that allows your business to keep dedicated records of each of your customer’s accounts and is fully integrated with other applications will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your business. WinWeb’s CRM App offers a complete customer relationship management software solution for your business.

CRM to Improve Your Customer Service

Customer Relations Management (also known as CRM) is one of the most important aspects of providing great customer service to clients. With a good CRM system in place it will allow your business to keep track of all the service requirements of your customer base.

WinWeb Cloud CRM is an affordable and effective application that gives businesses greater control over their dealings with customers and suppliers. The software will allow a business to keep all of the information that they require about their contacts all safely stored in one place.

It is very easy for a business to lose track of their contacts. Because WinWeb Cloud CRM keeps a full record of all your contacts and stores them externally, it means that you can get information on your customers and suppliers from wherever you are in the world. This will prevent any of your contacts ever getting lost again.

Customer Relationship Management to Increase Business Efficiency

Keeping your business organised is one of the secrets to greater business efficiency. However, with the amount of contacts amassed by the average business, keeping track of them all can often be quite difficult. Often businesses will have multiple phone numbers for each contact and email addresses too, making it even more complicated.

WinWeb's CRM software has rendered the traditional address book obsolete, because they are difficult to search through quickly and extremely easy to lose. The online address book provided by WinWeb is fully integrated with the rest of our applications. This means that you can quickly do things like invoicing your clients without having to switch over to separate email software.

Looking through your entire contact list is easy using the search bar. You can write notes that will help you remember who each contact is and you can also get quick access to your entire customer service history for every contact in the database.

An Online Address Book To Help Your Business

WinWeb Cloud CRM includes an Online Address Book that is designed with the needs of small businesses in mind. It helps you to manage customer relationships better and keep track of both your current and potential future customers.

Because all of your details are stored online, not only in the online address book but also in the other software included in the WinWeb Cloud app it means that you can access the information you need, regardless of where you currently are in the world. You also don't need to fear about losing any of this vital data because it is kept securely on our servers. This gives you invaluable peace of mind that your priceless contact data is secure.

Our CRM app will give you a complete online record of all your contacts and a list of all emails, quotes, tasks and notes associated with each one. In addition, the calendar and online disk that comes with Cloud CRM is fully integrated, allowing you to conduct marketing activities or to manage your financial activities with ease.


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