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Cloud CRM Features

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Manage all of your relationships

Your customer relationships are vital for the success of your business. Using our software allows you to easily manage relationships with every person who comes into contact with your business, ranging from suppliers to prospective customers and anyone who has purchased from you in the past.

Share information with ease

If either you or your colleagues update the contact details of anyone in your CRM system then it is updated for everybody who uses your system. No more time-consuming double entry of data for you or your team and no more scrabbling around to find scraps of paper with telephone numbers and addresses. Basic Info

Improving response times

With all the information available at your fingertips within the Cloud CRM application it will make it far easier to get back in contact with the people who are vital to the success of your business and provide support to them. Simply search our CRM system for the name of the person you want to contact and find their details immediately.

Improve client communication

With the increased control over your business contacts that comes from using a CRM system, you will be able to inform people about important news concerning your business such as a new product launch or a special offer – making CRM a powerful tool for your marketing as well.

Follow up every lead

With the Cloud CRM application you won’t lose track of potential leads ever again. No more letting prospective customers slip through the cracks and forgetting to follow up with them. You can even make a note on their profile to remind you to get back in touch on a certain date. Turn your potential customers into repeat purchasers.

Automate your sales process

No more looking through invoices and then manually contacting every single person again in the hope of making a sale. The CRM function makes it easy to get in contact with each person your business has had dealings with. Future Activity

Manage the way you communicate

You can take back control of your business communication using Cloud CRM by choosing who to email or send a newsletter. Keep a permanent record of the notes you make about clients and store information about the phone calls you make and meetings you have.

Powerful search function

Immediately find out all of the information you require using the search tool to find the contact you are after, based on whatever data you have to hand. You can also sort the database in various different ways to suit your requirements.

Fully integrated system

Our CRM application is designed from the ground up to be seamlessly integrated with all our other applications such as Invoicing, allowing you to invoice or send quotes to contacts. This makes the system extremely powerful and flexible in terms of what can be achieved by businesses using it to manage their entire office. Past Activity

Cloud Storage and Cloud Calendar

Users of our Cloud CRM application also benefit from access to an integrated cloud calendar that allows them to schedule meetings with contacts and get reminders. They also get 1GB free cloud storage so that they can upload files relating to the contacts in the Cloud CRM app.

Complete contact history

Have you ever taken down contact details and then later on forgotten who they were and why you were supposed to contact them? With Cloud CRM whenever you add someone to your database you can fill in a myriad of information about them. Once they start purchasing from your business you will also see their complete sales activity too.

Information on the go

If you have a mobile device then you can take all of your contacts with you wherever you travel. Even though you are away from home or the office it doesn’t have to prevent you from running your business as usual from your smartphone, laptop PC or tablet device.

24/7 Support

If you get stuck we are here to help. We are always open for business - whatever timezone your business is in - so send our friendly support team a message and find out how we can help.

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