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Accounting Software Features

Manage your money better with clear financial reporting.

Better control of your business

Using the Accounting app you can create invoices, submit tax returns and track who owes you money. It allows you to establish a greater level of control over your business finances and to gain a clear picture of the overall state of your finances through simple and easy to understand financial reports and business summaries.

Manage your finances

The Accounting app is software that can help you manage money and keep track of payments and the flow of cash into and out of your business. It includes everything you need to run the finances of your business and file annual tax returns.

No accounting knowledge necessary

Unlike some of the products from our competitors, you don’t need to have studied to become an accountant just to use our software. No jargon or overly complicated unnecessary features. Everything is simple yet powerful and if you ever get stuck, our free support is just an email away.

Full tri-ledger accounting

With the WinWeb Accounting app you get everything that you would expect from a traditional accounting software vendor but for a fraction of the cost and with all the benefits of the cloud on top of that such as automated data backup.

Check your performance

The data generated by the Accounting App is crucial for monitoring your business performance. All the information you require is easily accessible so you can work out your profit and loss within seconds. No more losing sight of the bigger picture when it comes to your finances when you can accurately track your sales and expenses.

Better cashflow management

Keeping a detailed record of all your bank activity and cash deposits allows you to easily view outstanding payments and understand the impact they are having on your financial performance, allowing you to make better decisions about where your cash goes.

Invoice your customers

Users of the Accounting App also receive full access to our Invoicing software app so they can create invoices directly for customers without the need for a separate software solution. They can control the appearance of these invoices by adding their own details and logos too.

Better contact management

All your customer and supplier details will be stored on the system conveniently in one place, making the Accounting app very useful for managing your contacts as well as managing your finances.

Intuitive graphical overview

You will immediately be able to evaluate the performance of your business as soon as you login just by looking at the graph that appears on the front page of the app. This graphical display of data is one of the best ways of highlighting the performance of your company over a given period.

Automatic 30-day cashflow summary

Receive the best possible overview of the past 30 days of your business trading simply by logging in to the app and viewing the graph that appears. This helps to proactively discover and eliminate problems as soon as they start to occur rather than waiting for them to develop any further.

No usage limits

No matter how many transactions you make during a calendar month it won’t cost you any extra. We don’t want to punish our users for having a successful business. We don't put a limit on business, making our app equally suitable for sole traders or large multinationals.

Manage banking and cash easily

You can add multiple bank accounts to the system and build a complete record of all the cash that goes in and comes out of your business, allowing for greater financial accuracy and fiscal control. You will be able to immediately see how much money your business has to hand at any one time.

Sales Tax Return Tool

It’s important that your business does not fall foul of taxation laws. The Accounting app will automatically calculate how much tax your business has got to pay, so you won’t even have to get the calculator out!

Collaborate with your accountant

The multi-user interface of all of WinWeb’s applications is particularly useful for the Accounting app because it allows a business to work closely with their accountant and grant them access to their financial data at all times, helping them to spot potential issues and deal with them quickly.

Import contacts and financial data

If you want to switch from your existing accounting package we can take your year-to-date records and input them for you. You can also easily import all your existing contacts from your current email software.

Multiple concurrent users

You can have as many individual users as you like by purchasing additional multi-user licences and the more you buy, the cheaper it becomes unlike some of our competitors who actually charge more for each licence.

Data safely secured

Thanks to cloud technology all your data is kept in a highly secure environment, continuously backed up and stored behind advanced firewalls so it will still be available even if something happens to your personal computer.

Fully integrated solution

Our Accounting app works with all our other software too, meaning you can invoice your customers directly or set reminders to chase up payments on your Cloud Calendar. You also get all the usual benefits that come from using any Cloud system, such as secure data backup and always-on access from anywhere.

24/7 Support

If you get stuck we are here to help. We are always open for business - whatever timezone your business is in - so send our friendly support team a message and find out how we can help. You can also look on our forums or at one of our numerous help videos to see if your query is answered there.

Custom sales and expense types

You will start off with pre-fixed sales and expense types but may add additional categories as and when your business requires them.

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