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WinWeb Disk Features

Upload essential business files and share them with ease.

Store data online and access it anywhere

If your business relies on being able to access important data, the Online Disk app is all you need to start being able to keep a secure backup of your files or start sharing them with others. Because all of your data is stored in the Cloud it makes it accessible from wherever in the world you login to your account.

Easily share large files

The big file sizes of digital media have made it no longer viable to share multimedia projects via email attachment. WinWeb Online Disk makes the sharing of large files a total breeze, with even a basic user being able to store up to 10GB of data at any one time.

Easily upgradable storage

For just a small amount extra, you can super-size your data storage up to 100GB to make sure there is enough space to store all of your files. This upgrade can be made at any time so if you find yourself running low on storage space you can get more without it being a hassle.

Secure multi-user access

The WinWeb Online Disk app is a very useful tool for allowing organisations or workgroups to come together and collaborate. You can store files or projects that are being worked on by a number of people so that they have a hassle-free way of obtaining the most recent version.

Keep critical data safe

Some businesses generate a large amount of mission critical data that – if it were to go missing – would really cause problems for them. Keeping data secure is important not just for privacy reasons but also because businesses that experience data loss are statistically more likely to fail.

Quick backup

Save valuable hard drive space and keep your PC uncluttered. Avoid unnecessary slowdown of your computer by storing large data files in the cloud and only accessing them when you need to.

Customisable folder structure

You can keep your work organised by storing it in folders just in the same way that you would on your computer. Never lose track of the files you want by naming the folders however you would like in order to make it easy for you to remember.

Share with colleagues

You can pass files on to the people you work without any problem at all. You can even make folders private or public so that your whole organisation has as much, or as little, access to them as you want.

Share with family or friends

You can give a direct link to the file you wish to share to absolutely anyone. Now you don’t have to just tell your friends about how great your holiday was – you can show them, by linking directly to the video!

Automated backup

No need to lift a finger to make sure that your data is backed up in its entirety. The WinWeb Online Disk app will protect your business from the possibility of data loss through computer crashes, viruses or spyware.

Private storage for personal files

Got files you would rather not share with your colleagues? No problem – just set the folder to Private and only you (and whoever else you select) will have access to it. No need to worry about whether a member of staff is accessing your financial records.

Share the way you want

You can send a link to your file to a person via email, over an instant message or by posting the link on your website. Whichever method of sharing is best for you and that particular file, the option is available to you and your business.

Totally secure storage

All your data is kept secure using WinWeb SSL Storage as standard and backed up continuously, ensuring that you don’t need to worry about losing any of it or have to fear a security breach. When you pay for access to the WinWeb Online Disk app you are also paying for peace of mind about your data safety.

Store memories

Some digital videos and pictures are invaluable because they are the only record you might have, for example, of a child’s birthday party. If you were to lose them they would be irreplaceable so it makes sense for you to start using a system that is as secure and reliable as the Online Disk app.

24/7 Support

If you get stuck we are here to help. We are always open for business - whatever timezone your business is in - so send our friendly support team a message and find out how we can help. You can also look on our forums or at one of our numerous help videos to see if your query is answered there.

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