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Cashbook+ Software Features

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Keep track of income and expenses

Designed with the needs of cash based sole traders in mind to help improve their financial control.

No experience needed

Ideal for someone who needs a simple solution for their annual tax returns.

Easily enter and manage transactions

Quickly create new transactions and keep them recorded or edit them as you require.

Get detailed figures

If you want to look deeper at your finances you have that option.

Manage banking and cash easily

Add multiple bank accounts and keep a record of all money transfers.

Remotely stored data

Still available even if something happens to your personal computer.

Customisable invoices

Display the company logo or include custom artwork.

Unlimited quotes & invoices

We don't put a limit on business. Suitable for sole traders or large multinationals.

Cash flow records

Easily view outstanding payments and see the impact they are having on your finances.

See how your business is performing

All the information you require is easily accessible. Work out your profit and loss in seconds.

Custom sales and expense types

Start with pre-fixed sales and expense types but add additional categories as your business requires them.

See how your business is doing

The information you need is quickly accessible

Online collaboration

Your accountant can have access to the same data that you input, making it far easier to work closely together.

Sales Tax Return Tool

Calculate how much tax your business has got to pay.

Automatic 30 day cash-flow summary

Available as soon as you log in.

Integrated repeat billing

The data from Cashbook+ is fully integrated with other WinWeb software.

Work online via the web

You can always keep your finances up-to-date and work from anywhere in the world.

Automatic updates

No more painful installation. Updates happen in the background and don't affect you.

Better cash management

Keep a simple record of all your bank activity and cash deposits

Data kept safely

All data kept in a highly secure environment, continuously backed up and stored behind advanced firewalls.

Better contact management

Store all your customer and supplier information in one place then refer back to them instantly.

Clear graphical overview

See your business performance at a glance.

WinWeb Invoicing Software

Full access to Invoicing software included.

24/7 support

We are there for you, whenever you need us.

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