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In Your Office

Offer your team the best IT business platform and they will perform better for your business. Allow your team the freedom to use any hardware platform (Mac, PC, Tablet, Mobile) with a consistent user interface (UI).

Working From Home

Extending your office reach to the home - either as an employee or home business owner - generates economic and work-life balance benefits, which in turn enhance productivity and with that profitability. Working From Home

In Your Department

Reorganising department teams is not only about HR. Offer flexible, easy and secure Business Cloud IT to connect to legacy systems with minimum deployment costs and future proofing your IT investments.

In Your Workgroup

Setup global ad-hoc workgroup teams, internally and externally, and control access with easy access control and deployment features. Control the scope and activity of your workgroup team, with full access to all data in an instant.

Project Team

Provide project teams with easy, secure and fast business tools to get their project online, keep it on-track and under control. Not only will your team be more productive, but show their professionalism to clients.

Cloud VAs

Supplement your team with Cloud VAs for temporary HR resource bottlenecks or to add a special skill set to your team, which may only be required for a limited time.

Procedure Control

Use IT flexibly to control procedures for business or legal reasons, while allowing your team the greatest amount of operational freedom.

Timeshare Professionals

Involve outside professionals in your team activity - accountants, surveyors, etc. - they bill you by the hour and provide you with all their knowledge and experience, delivered directly into your Business Cloud.

Team Creativity & Innovation

Providing state-of-the-art 'teamware' Business Cloud technology will allow ideas to flow freely and enhance the creativity and innovation inside your organisation.

Micro Business - Global Team

Micro Business Global Team Even as a one person business you can have a global team.

Let us show you how our 'teamware IT' can help you to transform your business and your team, book a free consultation today...