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Core Competency

Focusing on your core competencies will increase your business success and customer satisfaction. Generating new and repeat business. Outsourcing

Micro Business

As a micro business owner it may be difficult to go on holiday or just to have a break because of project pressure. Working in a collaborative group will help you to get work-life balance back on track.

Find New Work

Take on bigger contracts and outsource what you can't do yourself. This enhances your business opportunities and increases revenue for your business. Outsourcing


Outsource part of projects to outside professionals, accelerating project completion and keeping internal costs to a minimum.

Timeshare Professionals

Use professionals on a time-shared basis to get your internal and external work done faster and to a higher work standard. This will build your own professional brand.

Secure Service and Business Environment

WinWeb provides a secure environment for service delivery and payment gateway, for all stakeholders in the outsourcing process. Allowing for fast project fulfillment and secure and guaranteed payment for approved work.

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