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On-Demand Software Solutions

Our solutions are based on Saas, Software as a Service, and are available 'Anywhere At Anytime'. Our Infrastructure requires no IT knowledge needed and offers hassle free operation with a real-time multi-user access system, increasing mobility and cultivating outsourcing techniques at the outset, i.e. virtual assistants

Networking Community for Small Business

To foster collaboration and outsourcing our Business Cloud positively encourages business networking with simple yet effective interaction between users in a safe and secure environment. Thus creating a Business Cloud Community network, enabling business owners to make decisions about their current needs with the benefits of timesharing virtual assistants, promote their business to a global or local audience and find new work and contracts online

24/7 Live Support

24/7 Live Support We Are Here For You Always. Providing customer care and support only during business hours is not acceptable to our clients. Experience has shown us that small businesses do most of their admin work before nine in the morning or after five in the evening. This practice is essential if the business is to survive it's early years

Business Advice

WinWeb's Business Cloud On-Demand Small Business Infrastructure™ enables business advisors, accountants, bookkeepers and other advisors to have a "Up Close and Personal" relationship with the small business owner, providing key elements for the success of a small business. With timely and up-to-date advice, an easily expandable advisor network, more efficient advisor function due to SaaS technology and less travel

Solution Partners

Third parties provide external services to complement our services, such as Consultancy, financial advice and business startup. These and other services are selected to provide the most reliable and up-to-date outsourcing facility possible - with the effect of enhancing the professional appearance of our clients

Climatebyte™ Technology

Climatebyte™ Technology Business Cloud clients are among the biggest demographics concerned with climate change and carbon footprint neutrality. It is a fact that employing remote working and collaboration techniques drastically reduces the damaging business side affects on our environment. We enable our clients to be more eco-friendly and aware, by providing them with our green technology - an ongoing development commitment of WinWeb.

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