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What is a home business?

A home business is any form of small business operating directly from the home of the owner. Normally you would expect to find that any home business has very few employees. In fact, the majority of home businesses in the U.S. and worldwide will consist of the owner and only a couple of close family members.

In years past, a home business was often not taken seriously as a legitimate business enterprise and seen more as a hobby. Nowadays the idea of a home business is given a lot more credibility, largely due to advances in technology that make it simple to run an office from home.

Why is a home business a great way of earning a living?

The overheads and costs of running a home business are almost negligible compared to many business operations. WinWeb goes to great lengths to point out that any home business can be operated and managed from your own kitchen table, fitting neatly around your own daily schedule.

There is very little (if anything) that can be done at an office that cannot also be done from home as part of a home business. The logistics of running home businesses are no longer a barrier to entry. Previously, anyone who wanted to run a home business would most likely have to dedicate a whole floor of their house to it. Technology has done away with this scenario forever.

How can you run a successful home business with WinWeb?

With WinWeb software and services there are no limits to what your home business can achieve with only the bare minimum of investment in infrastructure. Becoming a success on a global scale used to be an expensive process that would involve a lot of investment, but nowadays any home business can do the same right from their kitchen table.

All a home business needs is an internet connection and a computer or laptop to get started with WinWeb and then they can start to experience all the benefits that our high-end business software can provide them with.

Find out if a home business is for you

Almost everyone is a suitable candidate for running their own home business. Whether you plan on running a home business while juggling your family life, or maybe you just don't feel like taking orders from your boss anymore then either way starting a home business could be exactly what you need to make the next big step in your life.

As soon as you start your home business you will be able to keep track of your finances using WinWeb's highly detailed software. You can also build a huge database of contacts and keep in control of your customer support to ensure that your home business provides the best possible service to customers.

Home Business | WinWeb Cloud Apps

Business Start-Up

Getting started with your own Home Business doesn’t have to be difficult. The Business Start-Up APPs provide you with all the software you need to get going, in one very affordable package.


As a contractor you have a busy schedule to keep. Make sure that you are able to attend meetings with your clients and never lose sight of where you are supposed to be on any given day with the Calendar APP.


Mobile & Desktop. Want to sell your products across the world at all times of the day, even while you sleep? Keep your Home Business running 24 hours a day, seven days a week with your very own customisable eShop.


It is important for a Home Business to offer professional customer support, even if they are on a tight budget. The Helpdesk APP gives micro home businesses all of the tools they need to provide top tier support on a budget.


Each WinWeb APP is just a small part of a much larger fully integrated offering. Giving you and your business an easy growth path for your I.T. now and in the future.

Happy Customers

A happy customer will recommend you to their friends. WinWeb APPs help keep your customers happy, deliver superior customer service and get access to your data 24/7.

For Teams

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