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Helpdesk Features

The fastest way to elevate the customer experience.

Knowledge at your fingertips

Always have access to the data that you require to provide top tier customer support. If you are on the phone to a client and have access to a computer you can easily find out more information about their support request and how similar issues have been dealt with in the past.

Improving productivity

Make sure that your support team is being as productive as possible. Track how much time they spend with each customer and determine if they are using their time in the best way or if it would be best spent on other tasks.

Fully integrated system

Because all of our apps are integrated with one another it makes our Helpdesk far more powerful than standalone software. For example, you will be able to raise tickets from your list of contacts and the people who contact you for support will be automatically added to your address book.

Assign tasks to remote co-workers

You don’t need to be physically near a co-worker in order to set them a task. So even if your development team is abroad or perhaps outsourced, they can be informed about a problem and get to work fixing it straight away.

Full history of project correspondence

You will have access to everything that has been said and done about a support issue. It is even possible to see exactly who said what and the exact time at which it was said, so there is absolute clarity and transparency when dealing with customers.

Collaborate with anyone

You can call upon the expertise of anyone you want and share the details of support requests with them. Hand over problems to the person on your team who is qualified to deal with them instead of struggling to deal with them alone.

Identify recurring issues

With a complete history of all your customer support interactions it becomes easy to notice when certain problems crop up on a continual basis. Identifying these issues is the first step to starting to put them right and avoid upsetting your customers with a repeat problem.

Powerful search function

Immediately find out all of the information you require using the search tool to find support requests based on whatever data you have to hand. Type in the customer name to find every ticket relating to that person or use a word related to the problem to see if it has happened before.

No support volume limits

Our Helpdesk is suitable for the smallest micro businesses and large enterprises without any limits on the amount of support requests you deal with in your system. Don’t worry if you have a small business that grows over time and builds up a large customer base, we won’t charge you more for being successful.

Private & Public messaging

Choose exactly who gets to see your replies. You can reply to a support request from a customer internally and engage in dialogue with a member of staff without the requestor ever seeing any of it. Alternatively, you can choose to include anyone you want in the discussion too.

No installation or download required

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) runs in your browser powered on cloud technology. It doesn’t matter whether you favour PC or Mac, there are no compatibility issues when it comes to cloud computing so you can concentrate on your business and leave the IT to us.

Attach important files

Sometimes you need to be able to add media to your support tickets. For example, you might need screenshots of a problem so that your developers are able to get it fixed. Our Helpdesk allows users to include a wide range of files in various formats including numerous video, image and compressed archive types.

Improving response times

If you don’t have a dedicated support team it can be difficult for you to personally provide customer service within a reasonable timescale. Our Helpdesk makes the entire process much more manageable by allowing you to track how much time you are spending on support requests.

Manage support priorities

It can be difficult to keep track of support requests and often businesses overlook serious issues that need immediate attention because they were busy on another, less important customer. Our Helpdesk software allows you to set the priority of your support requests so that you know to tackle the most urgent issues first.

Support training tool

You can quickly train somebody new to manage your customer support just by accessing all your historical data and demonstrating the most common problems. They can also determine the most appropriate way to reply to customers based on your previous replies.

Email Redirect

Emails from your customers can be set to automatically enter your ticketing system without any need for manual intervention on your end. All you need to do is make sure your customers know your email address!

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