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An Introduction to WinWeb Helpdesk

WinWeb Helpdesk software gives your business a fully functioning helpdesk with which you can provide a high level of customer support to your customers.

Providing good customer support to your customers has long been a problem for businesses without a lot of time and a large budget to spend, but with the right helpdesk software you can manage any volume of support requests.

What is Helpdesk software?

Helpdesk software allows your business to engage, communicate and liaise with clients through the ticketing element. Utilising an online helpdesk offers your business the opportunity to increase internal efficiency and provide high quality customer support at an affordable cost to your business.

Helpdesk software will revolutionise your customer service - don't be left behind the competition.

Benefits of Helpdesk Software

By allowing customers to make support requests through the easy to use ticketing system it means that the Helpdesk can become the main point of contact for all your customer support.

WinWeb Helpdesk software will give your business all the tools that it requires to deal with customer support enquiries. Increase your business efficiency and customer satisfaction with WinWeb Helpdesk software..

How to Use WinWeb Helpdesk to improve customer service

WinWeb Helpdesk software provides businesses with a virtual helpdesk that is the modern equivalent of the old-style Customer Service counters that you still find in department stores. It is the most cost-effective way for a small company with a low budget to maintain a high standard of customer support.

The productivity of a small business is severely limited if they are distracted every few minutes answering phone calls and providing support over the telephone. By routing all of your customer service through WinWeb Helpdesk software, it gives you greater control over the entire process. More control and flexibility ultimately allows you to provide the best possible customer service, without sacrificing your personal productivity.

WinWeb Helpdesk is a much better option for businesses than using an automated phone system that would keep all customers waiting for the same length of time, regardless of the importance of their enquiry. Using our software allows you to instantly evaluate the seriousness of a support request without the commitment to answering non-urgent enquiries on the spot.

Helpdesk software can help you make more sales

It is likely that both your existing customers and any potential customers will rate highly the importance of customer service. The personal touch you’re your business can provide is one of the leading factors that can convince a consumer to purchase from you rather than a larger competitor.

A streamlined support service like the one provided by WinWeb Helpdesk software is the key to successfully engaging with consumers. If a customer receives excellent service from you, they are far more likely to recommend your business to their friends and family.

WinWeb Helpdesk software also allows a business to pool its resources and deal with customer service in a collaborative fashion, even if all you staff are in entirely separate physical locations. This means that the expertise of your employees is not wasted and customers get the best possible help that is available to them.

Using a Helpdesk to improve your business

The overwhelming workload placed on a business owner often puts a huge strain on them and makes it difficult for them keep work and personal life separate. Even delegating work amongst staff and checking up on them can be a painstaking task. Thankfully, WinWeb Helpdesk software also allows a business to improve how it is organised overall.

Although email is useful for personal communication and marketing, problems are commonplace. Over-protective spam filters can prevent customers ever getting through to you. This won't happen if you are using our software as you will be able to view the ticket and all associated activity just by logging in to your account. You can also be sure that your customer service records are secure. There is no risk of losing it all in a computer crash because it is all stored on our system in the Helpdesk Cloud.

Our software also allows you to operate a helpdesk on Facebook to allow you to get even closer to your customers and provide great customer service.


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