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Enterprise Groupware

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WinWeb Enterprise Groupware - Enterprise solutions for the web, cloud and social media. Using WinWeb's remarkable apps beyond the digital, drives productivity, profitability while staying within set budgets. Discover more about WinWeb Groupware...

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What is Groupware?

Groupware refers to programs that help teams to work together collectively while located in different physical locations. Programs that enable real time collaboration are called synchronous groupware. Groupware services can include the sharing of calendars, collective writing, e-mail handling, shared database access, electronic meetings with each person able to see and display information to others, and other activities.

WinWeb Enterprise Groupware.

Our groupware apps go beyond the traditional definition of enterprise groupware solutions, in as much that they are highly customisable and still remain very cost-effective, i.e. comparable in price to boxed groupware software. WinWeb Groupware Apps can be connected to any website and even social media, ie. facebook and twitter.

CloudVA - The Human Touch.

Combine WinWeb Enterprise Groupware with our CloudVAs to build powerful and partly outsourced project groups, with a much lower fixed cost footprint than traditional, in-house only resourced teams. Time-sharing professionals on a per project basis has never been easier using our groupware technology. WinWeb expands your groupware experience beyond the digital.

CRM. ERP. Projects. Help-Desk. More...

Any groupware is only as good as the individual apps that make up your groupware solutions. WinWeb Enterprise Groupware can offer a fast growing number of CloudApps, currently 100+, to fullfil the most demanding groupware specifications, in terms of number of groupware team members, global accessibility and around the clock availability.

Groupware With A Personality.

Every project based on cloud groupware technology is different. Utilising WinWeb MyApp technology will make not only your project a highly personalised experience. MyApp will turn your cloud groupware into a Enterprise Groupware, tailored to the specific needs of your project. Free of all the usual distractions introduced by irrelevant groupware functions, your project, budget and your team will thank you.

Platform Independent.

Todays enterprise IT systems are based on diverse OS and hardware platforms and different versions within each of the different OS systems. WinWeb Enterprise Groupware can be used independently of these traditional constraints, since all groupware apps are cloud computing apps. All that is needed are up-to-date internet browsers and you have your own project based groupware cloud. Enterprise groupware platforms include MAC, PC, tablets and smart mobile phones.

Secure Cloud

We can offer you a free demo and free trail for all our cloud groupware apps. Discover more about WinWeb Enterprise Groupware...