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What is Education?

The term education refers to passing on expertise and knowledge from one generation to the next. The right to education is mandated by the United Nations and the European Convention of Human Rights.

How does Education benefit from business software?

Integrated software is helpful for any educational institution so that faculty can stay connected in the closest way possible.

How can Education benefit from WinWeb Business Cloud?

WinWeb can help those in education prepare for the reality of running their own business. If they use the features of our software they can understand the day-to-day intricacies of business management that education cannot effectively teach.

Learners in education can use our software to properly organise their affairs and get to learn a lot about running a business. Using the power of cloud computing they can access financial planning & management tools and software. The secure data backup will keep their precious information secure and easily retrieve it at any time during their education or later.

Find out if WinWeb can help education

WinWeb Business Cloud Framework helps those in education prepare for life as a business owner. With the support of WinWeb's services it will be simple to stay on top of your finances, clients and customers.

People in education who run their own business will develop and grow as a person and it can be a life-changing experience for them to build something from scratch and turn it into a success. Now has never been a better time for those in education to learn how to start and operate their own business.

We can offer powerful software, personalised services and in-depth collaboration. With the WinWeb Business Cloud Framework those in education have every tool they will need to become a great success.


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Entrepreneurship is an integral part of learning and education at all levels today. Starting a business, often even before the educational process is complete, is becoming more and more the norm. WinWeb supports these trends with educational discounts.

Educational Discounts

Educational discounts are available for accredited and registered educational institutions, teachers and students of these institutions.

Educational Institutions

Discounts for educational institutions as a whole are available.

Teachers & Tutors

Teachers can apply for class or group discounts.


Students can apply for project based educational discounts.

Real Business Tools. Real Learning.

Using state of the art business cloud computing tools during the learning process enhances the success rate when students transition from class room into the real world business environment.

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