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Custom Solution

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Unlimited Changes

Custom Solution customers have the opportunity to change their custom solutions as often as they like, we understand that business evolves and priorities change.

Premium Support

As a Custom Solution customer you will have access to premium support, which will enable you to have all your custom functions supported by our staff. Premium Support

Customisation At Boxed Prices

Not every business is a big corporation, our prices for IT customisation compete price wise more with un-customisable boxed software.

No IT Dictatorship

You run your business your way, that is what makes this business your, unique and successful. Our Business Cloud does not impose how your business needs to work - we customise your Business Cloud, so it works like you.

Business Process

Customising your IT to fit your needs is not only part of the entrepreneurial process, but essential to business success. Controlling the business process with IT customisation will help to debug your business model.

Customer Care

Move your team and your customers into the center of your business for maximum business success. Allow your customers to engage with you and your team whichever way they want. Making it easy for clients to do business with you will give you more repeat business. IT Customisation will deliver all these benefits.

Standard Apps

Standard Apps Our Standard Business Software Apps are often only the beginning. While they are a great business start-up framework, a maturing business needs customised solutions to maximise business success.

Business Model

Only customised IT will support your business model - allow you to test your business model and make controlled customisation adjustments to fine tune the business model and business process.

Find out how IT customisation can save you money, time, hassle and increase revenue. Book a free consultation today...