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An Introduction to WinWeb Business Planning

WinWeb Business Planning will give you the tools to allow you to plan effectively for your business future. Planning your business correctly will not only give you focus as you run your business, but will also allow you to acknowledge, and hopefully avoid, any potential pitfalls on your small business journey.

WinWeb Business Planning software offers all you need to plan for your business success; and its complete integration with other WinWeb software applications and the opportunity to outsource key business functions to our dedicated staff.

Business Planning software will help you plan your business journey successfully with complete access to a SWOT Analysis and objective planning tool giving your business all the tools it needs to startup and begin planning. Cashflow planning will enhance your business journey, and avoid any nasty surprises!

What is Business Planning software?

WinWeb Business Planning software can help to build a successful future for your business. By focussing more clearly on the overall goals that drive your business, you are far more likely to succeed. If you are determined to plan your way to business success, WinWeb Planning software is your best available option. Existing WinWeb customers can jump straight in and begin planning within minutes. To start, simply visit our website and log-in to your account as usual. At the very top of the console you will see a Business Planning icon and clicking this will open the Business Planning app.

Why should I use Business Planning software?

WinWeb Planning software is the best solution for any business that wants to become more organised and set achievable and measurable goals. The Business Planning app has numerous planning options. The Cashflow Plan tab focuses entirely on the projected amount of cash that your business will generate during a certain period of time. This information is displayed as both a spreadsheet and graph.

How can Business Planning software benefit my business?

The WinWeb Business Planning App is helpful for building a detailed graphical overview of your likely cashflow situation. You can customise the graph in a number of different ways, depending on the information that you are currently searching for. To change what is displayed on the graph, simply click the text above it to switch on or off the display.
The SWOT Analysis tab is where you keep a permanent record of all the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that may impact upon your business. The Business Planning app presents users with a number of planning options that help them put together the perfect plan.


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