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Business Collaboration

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Micro Multinationals

Find business partners anywhere in the world and turn your local business into a multinational business, without the cost. It's easy with WinWeb.

Finding Work Online

If you can't find work locally, look online. Work with clients anywhere on the planet and become part of their team with WinWeb's Business Cloud.


You outsource some of your work and others outsource some of their tasks to you - the new paradigm of the Internet Age. It allows you to play to your strengths and focus on your business success. Outsourcing

Increase Innovation

Having access to new creative ideas gives your business a competitive advantage. This in turn will translate into more business and revenue.


Freelancers are professionals in their fields. You may not have enough work to hire one of these professionals full-time for your business, but using WinWeb technology will allow you to easily timeshare these professionals and make them part of your team. Affordable

Low Cost Employees

Ever felt hard done by the big corporations with their offices in India, China and access to these low wage markets? With WinWeb you now have access too, from as little as US $ 4.00 per hour.

Global Human Resources

With skills shortages in many business areas, Business Collaboration is the ideal way to find the skills you need for as long as you need them. Business Collaboration

Cloud Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistants, like any freelancers, are professional service providers. WinWeb's Cloud VA network is a growing global community of VAs from around the world ready to help you with your business admin tasks. Our Cloud VAs come with a performance guarantee from WinWeb, that is how confident we are to offer you their services.

Ad-hoc Co-Ops

Found a project, but you think it may be to big for you? Think again! You can form a CO-OP just for this one project with local or international specialists to help you to tender for the project. Maybe your new partners have projects themselves for which they could do with your help too. Business Collaboration

Increased Agility

The response times for new projects will increase with the flexible up- and down grading of your work-force. This translates into higher turnover, lower cost structure and increased profits.

Find out how Business Collaboration will help you to run a more profitable business today...