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Business Cloud Framework

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WinWeb Business Cloud

Complete Back-Office

Getting everything from one source has benefits - WinWeb's Business Cloud leaves you to run your business and not your office.

Focus On Success

Only when you focus on your business will you become a business success, getting your office organised does not earn you money. Doing what you do best and why you started your business in the first place does.

Focus On Customers

How good is your customer service? Is your customer service used to engage with clients and generate repeat business or it is just a cost center to you? WinWeb will help you to turn your customer care into a revenue stream.

Focus On Sales

Your customers are the life blood of your business, getting new clients, generating repeat business, staying in contact and informing clients of new products and services is more than a full-time job. WinWeb's Business Cloud helps you to do all that and more.

Focus On Your Team

Price pressure, recession and increased competition means only one thing, getting more done with less staff. Giving your staff the right tools to perform better is easy with WinWeb.

No Distractions

Are you a web developer, accountant, IT engineer? If not, why are you spending valuable time on these tasks? It all keeps you from what is most important for your business, serving your customers and getting new business. WinWeb will deal with all the business distractions for you.

Integrated Business Management Solutions

Until now Integrated Business Management Solutions have been the domain of mid-sized and large businesses supplied by Oracle, Salesforce.com, NetSuite, SAP and others, at horrendous prices.

Tailored Business Management Solutions

WinWeb’s Business Cloud Framework provides tailored Business Management Solutions for the micro-business & SMB/SME market at affordable prices, comparable to standard and stand-alone software. WinWeb’s Software Framework is the ultimate solution for workflow flexibility.

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