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BIG Data

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Big Data is not only for big business, WinWeb BusinessCloud makes it affordable for any size business. Using all your business data to gain new insights into your business, into your customers and provide a better, more customer-centric service requires you to pool all your data in one place and correlate it in new ways to gain - and perhaps unanticipated insights and a competitive advantage. With WinWeb's BusinessCloud it is part of the offering and allows you to compete better in the market, no matter what size your competitors are.

BIG Data

Internal and External Data Sets

You may have sales, manufacturing, customer, service data and external data sources. With WinWeb BusinessCloud you can pool all this data in one place ready to be analysed. Enhanced security, virus checks and back-ups are all standard.

Data Capture

Capture data from your clients, service interactions, manufacturing, suppliers, customers, shop-floor, delivery drivers, service engineers, etc. to lay the groundwork to make your enterprise more transparent in all its details.

Curate Data

WinWeb BusinessCloud Apps make it easy to keep your data up-to-date and relevant for your continuous business process improvements. After all, customer satisfaction is what drives new business and the bottom line.

Store Data

BIG Data Business continuity is all about Big Data - if you lose your data for whatever reason - your business suffers. Using state-of-the-art data storage facilities and procedures will give you peace of mind and confidence for the future.

Search Data

Searching vast amounts of data is not easy by any means - but with WinWeb BusinessCloud you have our whole data analytics team at your constant disposal. Cost effective, on-demand data services will give you the information you need fast. BIG Data

Visualising Data

It is a well known fact we humans like to consume our data in form of graphs, pie-charts and other means of visualisations. Searching your data will produce only pages and pages of lists and simple charts. WinWeb BusinessCloud delivers the best data visualisation we have ever produced.

BIG Data

Sharing Data

Last but not least you'll want to share your new insights with colleagues, customers and suppliers. This will help you to keep every stake-holder on the same page, when it comes to improving your business processes for everybody's benefit.

To find out how WinWeb's Big Data will benefit your business, book a free consultation today...