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WinWeb Benefits

Learn about the 200+ innovative features and benefits available in WinWeb.

24/7 Support

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A-Z Business Review

A-Z Business Review We can help you to save money, time and update your business processes to make your business more productive and more profitable. Our Business Mentors are available for a complete business review to help you to be more successful.

Free One2One

To get you started with our software and/or services we offer free One2One training sessions. Getting up and running with your new software is essential to avoid business interruption.

Business Mentors

All our client facing staff are qualified Business Mentors, we don't talk to you about "Bits 'n' Bites", we talk to you about your business and how we can help you to achieve your goals.

Support Tickets

Every time you contact us, we create a Support ticket. In it we document what we do for you and how we answer your questions. These tickets are available to you for later reference, so you don't need to worry about forgetting some details.

Cloud VA Support

Our fast growing and global Cloud VA network provides you with perfect outsourcing opportunities.

Email Support

We offer 24/7 Support via email, usually we respond to you within two hours at any time of the day. You can always respond to the emails we send you to update any issues you have raised with us.

Phone Support

In some cases we may decide to call you back if it shortens the time to get your issue resolved - this is completely free of charge to you. Phone Support

Screen Sharing

We may use screen sharing technology, i.e. we share our screen with you or ask you to share your screen with us. This allows us to look at the same screen and easier understand your issue or show you how to do certain tasks. This technology is completely safe and requires you to authorise each session in which we would see your screen. You are in control at all times.

Support History

We give you access to our system and the information we hold about you on our system. Allowing you to see a complete history of our relationship and up-coming events.

Support Forum

Our Support forum is a great resource for everything business, be it cloud computing, sales & marketing online or outsourcing some non-core business processes. Have a look...

Support Forum

Premium Support

Premium Support is for our custom solution clients. If our standard software is not meeting your requirements and you wish to customise our software, to increase business efficiency, we charge a Support premium of 20% to 30% on our standard software licence prices.

Partner Support

Our Authorised WinWeb Consultants are business professionals in your local area to provide you with a more hands-on and personal Support in your local area. Some of our consultants have very specialised knowledge, like finance, marketing, etc. and as such work nationwide. Just let us know what you need.

Find Out More About 24/7 Support...


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WinWeb Business Cloud and Web Browsers

We utilise the features of your Web Browser to provide Accessibility to all our apps. These features allow us to make our Apps available to users with varying requirements. We use these features to enhance the user experience. Web Browsers

ARIA Support

Web Browsers support Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA). The ARIA standard has enabled the WinWeb Business Cloud to be more accessible for people with disabilities. We are taking advantage of advanced technologies like AJAX and JavaScript and can now easily interoperate with assistive technologies.

Enhanced Keyboard Navigation

Thanks to the Accessibility achieved with the enhanced keyboard navigation options in Web Browsers, you can navigate the web without a mouse. Press the Tab key, and your Web Browser jumps to the next password field, pop-up menu, or input field. For increased keyboard control, you can hold down the Option key while tabbing to have your Web Browser skip through every link on the page. And if you press the Return key, the highlighted link opens, letting you “point and click” with just a few keystrokes.

Full-Page Zoom

Zoom in or out on web content using keyboard shortcuts, Multi-Touch gestures, or the Zoom toolbar button for more comfortable reading. Images and graphics scale up while your text remains razor sharp, keeping the web page layout consistent as you zoom.

Minimum Font Size

If you find that text on some websites is too small to read (such as photo captions or fine print), Web Browsers can increase the font size to make it more legible. Just set the minimum font size in the Advanced pane of Browser's preferences.

Zoom Text Only

You can choose to zoom in on only the text when you take a closer look at a web page with a few simply keystrokes. Web Browsers

Closed Captions for HTML5 Video

Web Browsers can now deliver a better user experience. WinWeb Business Cloud is using the advantages provided by with HTML5 to deliver services that no longer require the user to install extra software. HTML5 also provides better storage options and is a solution to faster applications that will be Accessible universally across all mobile devices.

Find Out More About Accessibility...


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Business is changing fast. We live in a time when strategic positions can dramatically change from one year to the next. Being able to keep pace with these changes means adaptability in all areas of business. WinWeb can help with structural adaptability issues.

Quick IT Alignment...

... means quick business process alignment.

Running your business back-office and online activities are of vital importance to your business survival. Being able to adapt fast and cost-effective is a competitive advantage.

Growing Business

Using WinWeb Business Cloud to help your business grow, without the need for new IT. Focusing on your growth and not an IT straight-jacket is essential.

Organisation Restructuring

Business restructuring is easy with WinWeb, no capital expenditures, contract lock-ins, or any other kind of cost intensive relationship will stop you moving forward.

New Team Members

New employees, departments, products, offices are easy, fast and cost-effective to integrate. WinWeb Adaptability

Geographic Non-Alignment

Reducing overheads and increasing productivity, by allowing home-working becomes a real driver for your bottom line with WinWeb. Desktop, tablet or mobile are tools of your trade. Easily open export offices, with complete IT integration at no extra costs.

WinWeb Adaptability

WinWeb Bespoke Solution

Every WinWeb installation is a bespoke solution, whether you are a start-up entrepreneur or an enterprise client. All WinWeb apps come with a life-time adaptability guarantee. With WinWeb, adaptability is part of the package for each client.

Find Out More About adaptability...


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Business Bootstrapping

Business Bootstrapping is a great way to start and run a business. Our Affordable low monthly subscription pricing supports Business Bootstrapping allowing you to grow your business without breaking the bank account. Business Bootstrapping

No Long Term Contracts

There are no long term contracts to be signed with us, you can up or down-grade anytime, no notice necessary. Maximum flexibility and no hassle for you and your business.

Cost Control

Our easy up and down-grade policy allows you to keep your cost under control, no questions asked.

No Capital Expenditure

No need to buy expensive servers, install expensive server software and hire an IT professional to get your IT set up. We save you thousands with our low monthly subscriptions and have you up and running in hours.

Grows With Your Business

Need to hire more staff, no problem - we set your new staff member up in minutes, train him/her and all for an Affordable low additional monthly subscription.

Up or Down Grade Anytime

Being able to react quickly to changing economic conditions by up or down grading quickly without any hassle helps to to keep your costs under control and provide more business stability.

Cancel Anytime

If, for whatever reason, you wish to leave us, there is no long term contract to worry about. Just tell us and we will not bill you again. We will keep your data for three months, just in case you change your mind.

Low Monthly Cost

Keeping cost under control is easy with our Affordable low monthly subscriptions. No spending so much money on capital expenditure items will help your cash-flow situation. Affordable Book your free WinWeb demonstration today and find out how you could benefit from WinWeb Business Cloud...


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No Data Duplication

Because all our business software is highly integrated, no need to enter the same date more than once. Even when you only use some of our apps and then add a new app, the new app will automatically be populated with all your data.

No API Hassle

There is no need to learn how to share your data between different applications of different vendors. Because we are a 'All-In-One' business platform provider, we handle all your data for you, even if you want to connect to outside service providers like eBay or PayPal.

Easy To Use

Our 'All-In-One' business platform offers a consistent user interface, just press 'Start' and you are on your way. No need to learn different user interfaces of different software vendors.

Pick 'n' Mix

With 14 apps and over 5,500 software modules, you can 'Pick 'n' Mix' the bits you need to run your business your way. Change it at anytime if your requirement change.

One System

Having one flexible system makes your life and that of your staff less stressful and prevents unnecessary errors. It makes your business more efficient and profitable.

Highly Integrated

With high data integration comes high customer satisfaction. Your staff can handle inquiries faster and better, your business looks more professional and you receive more orders. Support Forum


Every business is different (Business DNA), making our software easily and cost-effectively customizable means you have more control over your business, your business processes and can provide a unique service to your customer. Every successful CEO will tell you 'execution is key'!

PC - Tablet - Mobile

In today's business environment providing your staff and clients with the right tools to interact with your business is essential to business success. Our system is accessible from any internet connected business device, be it a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Support Forum

Deliver the same consistent service on any IT platform at no extra cost.

Book your free One2One software demo today and then try our software for free...

BIG Data

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Big Data is not only for big business, WinWeb BusinessCloud makes it affordable for any size business. Using all your business data to gain new insights into your business, into your customers and provide a better, more customer-centric service requires you to pool all your data in one place and correlate it in new ways to gain - and perhaps unanticipated insights and a competitive advantage. With WinWeb's BusinessCloud it is part of the offering and allows you to compete better in the market, no matter what size your competitors are.

BIG Data

Internal and External Data Sets

You may have sales, manufacturing, customer, service data and external data sources. With WinWeb BusinessCloud you can pool all this data in one place ready to be analysed. Enhanced security, virus checks and back-ups are all standard.

Data Capture

Capture data from your clients, service interactions, manufacturing, suppliers, customers, shop-floor, delivery drivers, service engineers, etc. to lay the groundwork to make your enterprise more transparent in all its details.

Curate Data

WinWeb BusinessCloud Apps make it easy to keep your data up-to-date and relevant for your continuous business process improvements. After all, customer satisfaction is what drives new business and the bottom line.

Store Data

BIG Data Business continuity is all about Big Data - if you lose your data for whatever reason - your business suffers. Using state-of-the-art data storage facilities and procedures will give you peace of mind and confidence for the future.

Search Data

Searching vast amounts of data is not easy by any means - but with WinWeb BusinessCloud you have our whole data analytics team at your constant disposal. Cost effective, on-demand data services will give you the information you need fast. BIG Data

Visualising Data

It is a well known fact we humans like to consume our data in form of graphs, pie-charts and other means of visualisations. Searching your data will produce only pages and pages of lists and simple charts. WinWeb BusinessCloud delivers the best data visualisation we have ever produced.

BIG Data

Sharing Data

Last but not least you'll want to share your new insights with colleagues, customers and suppliers. This will help you to keep every stake-holder on the same page, when it comes to improving your business processes for everybody's benefit.

To find out how WinWeb's Big Data will benefit your business, book a free consultation today...

Business Cloud Framework

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WinWeb Business Cloud

Complete Back-Office

Getting everything from one source has benefits - WinWeb's Business Cloud leaves you to run your business and not your office.

Focus On Success

Only when you focus on your business will you become a business success, getting your office organised does not earn you money. Doing what you do best and why you started your business in the first place does.

Focus On Customers

How good is your customer service? Is your customer service used to engage with clients and generate repeat business or it is just a cost center to you? WinWeb will help you to turn your customer care into a revenue stream.

Focus On Sales

Your customers are the life blood of your business, getting new clients, generating repeat business, staying in contact and informing clients of new products and services is more than a full-time job. WinWeb's Business Cloud helps you to do all that and more.

Focus On Your Team

Price pressure, recession and increased competition means only one thing, getting more done with less staff. Giving your staff the right tools to perform better is easy with WinWeb.

No Distractions

Are you a web developer, accountant, IT engineer? If not, why are you spending valuable time on these tasks? It all keeps you from what is most important for your business, serving your customers and getting new business. WinWeb will deal with all the business distractions for you.

Integrated Business Management Solutions

Until now Integrated Business Management Solutions have been the domain of mid-sized and large businesses supplied by Oracle, Salesforce.com, NetSuite, SAP and others, at horrendous prices.

Tailored Business Management Solutions

WinWeb’s Business Cloud Framework provides tailored Business Management Solutions for the micro-business & SMB/SME market at affordable prices, comparable to standard and stand-alone software. WinWeb’s Software Framework is the ultimate solution for workflow flexibility.

Book your FREE A-Z Business Review with one of our Business Enterprise Consultants today and find out how WinWeb's Business Cloud Framework can transform your business...

Business Collaboration

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Micro Multinationals

Find business partners anywhere in the world and turn your local business into a multinational business, without the cost. It's easy with WinWeb.

Finding Work Online

If you can't find work locally, look online. Work with clients anywhere on the planet and become part of their team with WinWeb's Business Cloud.


You outsource some of your work and others outsource some of their tasks to you - the new paradigm of the Internet Age. It allows you to play to your strengths and focus on your business success. Outsourcing

Increase Innovation

Having access to new creative ideas gives your business a competitive advantage. This in turn will translate into more business and revenue.


Freelancers are professionals in their fields. You may not have enough work to hire one of these professionals full-time for your business, but using WinWeb technology will allow you to easily timeshare these professionals and make them part of your team. Affordable

Low Cost Employees

Ever felt hard done by the big corporations with their offices in India, China and access to these low wage markets? With WinWeb you now have access too, from as little as US $ 4.00 per hour.

Global Human Resources

With skills shortages in many business areas, Business Collaboration is the ideal way to find the skills you need for as long as you need them. Business Collaboration

Cloud Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistants, like any freelancers, are professional service providers. WinWeb's Cloud VA network is a growing global community of VAs from around the world ready to help you with your business admin tasks. Our Cloud VAs come with a performance guarantee from WinWeb, that is how confident we are to offer you their services.

Ad-hoc Co-Ops

Found a project, but you think it may be to big for you? Think again! You can form a CO-OP just for this one project with local or international specialists to help you to tender for the project. Maybe your new partners have projects themselves for which they could do with your help too. Business Collaboration

Increased Agility

The response times for new projects will increase with the flexible up- and down grading of your work-force. This translates into higher turnover, lower cost structure and increased profits.

Find out how Business Collaboration will help you to run a more profitable business today...

Business DNA

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Your Business Is Unique

Business DNA Your business is a unique as you are, as your team is and as your clients are. Every aspect has it's impact on your business. This uniqueness is part of your business success. WinWeb strengthens this uniqueness with highly customisable business cloud products and services.

Keep Your Business Unique

Keeping your business as individual as you, makes for a personal experience for your customers and makes them not feel like a number, but a valued customer.

Our Software Works Like You

Our business software allows for your individual needs and uniqueness to exist and help to differentiate you from your competition. Personal service is a major reason for a client to come back for repeat business. Let's keep it personal.

Working Outside The Box

Working Outside the Box Having the freedom of doing things differently makes it easier for you to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Giving a personal service to your clients guarantees repeat business - that is good business.

No IT Dictatorship

Our software does not try and push you into a mould, it is not fixed, boxed and has not this 'take it or leave it' attitude. We understand your business is unique and we want to help you to keep it that way. Our customisation services are based on 14 software applications, over 5500 software modules and new services every month. No IT Dictatorship Let us help you to develop your Business DNA and get ahead of the competition - book your free consultation today...

Business Growth

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Focus on Sales

Better customer service generates repeat business. It is the most cost-effective way to get new sales. WinWeb will help you to stay in touch with your existing customers and service them better.

Finding New Customers

Finding New Customers Finding new customers is easy with WinWeb' Sales & Marketing Automation. Get online. Engage with new contacts. Get new business. Talk to us to find out how.

New Markets - Global Markets

Global Markets Using WinWeb will turn your business into a global business, broadening your customer base and making your business more resilient to economic downturns. With WinWeb the world really is your oyster.

Buying A Business

Quickly integrate any new business, new staff and customers into your business. WinWeb makes it easy to get the synergy benefits you were looking for.


Outsourcing is a great way to Grow your business, but not your overheads. Managing these outsourced business task and keeping a good overview could not be easier using WinWeb Business Cloud technology.

Let us show you how we can help you to Grow your business faster with less stress and increased profitability. Contact us today for your free consultation with one of our business mentors...

Business Mentors

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Business Questions Welcome

Ask us to help you with any business problem, we are here to help. Even if we do not know the answer to your business problem, we know someone who does. Business Mentoring

WinWeb Support Team

Everyone in WinWeb's Support Team is an IoEE qualified Business Mentor. This enables us to understand your business needs better and propose better solutions for your business success.

Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs - IoEE

IoEE The IOEE is the first institute dedicated to 'learning by doing' for anyone thinking about, starting or running their own business and those who support them. We believe that everyone has the right to develop the skills that can help them develop their own successful business. WinWeb has a strategic partnership with the IoEE to provide better support and opportunities to our clients.

Become A Mentor.

Business Mentor Becoming a Business Mentor is a great way to give something back and learn more about business in general and your own business in the process. If you have been running your own business for 3 years or more and you are willing to take some Mentor training you could become a Business Mentor in no time. As a Business Mentor your IoEE membership, with all its benefits is free.

WinWeb Cloud Virtual Assistance

All our world-wide Cloud VA's are IoEE qualified Business Mentors too - providing you a superior level of service and assistance to help you find the answers you need to be more successful and help you grow your business.

Free IoEE Membership

Every WinWeb client will get a free one year membership to the IoEE. This membership will bring you together with other like minded entrepreneurs who want to start, run or grow a successful business.

WinWeb Business Consultants

Our local partners are all IoEE qualified Business Mentor. Thanks to their efforts we can bring you the benefits of our cloud solutions and support you better in the local areas where you do business.

Find out how Business Mentor can help your business...

Cloud Computing

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Anytime. Anywhere. Anyone.

Cloud Computing will allow you to access your business data anywhere and anytime. You are always open for business and take advantage of any business opportunity right away. Anytime, Anywhere


You and your staff can use our software on any platform you want, i.e. Macs, PCs, Tablets (iPads, etc.) and mobile phones. In the office, teleworking or on the road - a consistent user interface to increase productivity.

No IT Department

All your servers are in a physically secure location. You don't need a whole department to run your IT - saving you money, time and downtime.

Better Customer Service

Because you can access all your business information anytime you can offer fast and reliable customer service, even when you are on holiday or over the weekend.


Running your business the way you want is an essential part of your business success. No IT dictatorship with WinWeb - our software works how you want to work.

Software Updates Included

All software updates happen automatically at no extra cost. Leaving you to concentrate on your business and not worry if your IT can keep up in these changing times.


WinWeb, You and the Environment - using Cloud Computing will help you not only to save money and time, it is very good news for the environment too. Using WinWeb Business Cloud will make you do your bit for the Environment too.


Cloud Computing Security All your data is backed-up automatically, no matter what kind of disaster happens, strikes, floods and so on. You are always in business from anywhere.

Find out how WinWeb Cloud Computing can help your business today, book your FREE One2One consultation today and then try our software for free...

Cloud Virtual Assistants

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WinWeb Cloud VAs

Accredited WinWeb Cloud VAs are professional service providers, with an in-depth knowledge of our Business Cloud. Many are qualified Business Mentors and can not only do the work for you, but can help you find the best way to get your business admin done. WinWeb Cloud VAs

Timeshare Professionals

You can use more than one Cloud VA, one for marketing, one for telephone answering and so on. This way you have a professional doing what they do best, not one person doing it all and not so well.

WinWeb Guarantee

WinWeb guarantees the work of our Cloud VAs, they do not get paid until you are happy with their work. If one Cloud VA can not finish the assignment, we will use another Cloud VA to finish the job. This is at no extra cost to you.

Global VAs

WinWeb Cloud VAs are part of our growing global Cloud VA network and offer the most cost-effective way to get your work done, every time, guaranteed. This allows you to offer services globally to your clients on different continents.

Are you a VA?

WinWeb Cloud VA
If you are a virtual assistant with at least three years of work experience in your profession and you would like to join our team of professional Cloud VAs, to provide your services world-wide and in the cloud, contact us today.

Long-term, Short-term or Projects

Working with WinWeb Cloud VAs is a totally flexible affair, no long term contracts or arrangements. You can pay by the hour, per project or piece by piece.

Great Results - Low Overheads

Using WinWeb Cloud VAs is the most cost-effective way to outsource your business and office admin. Make your business look and feel more professional and help you to concentrate on your business goals. You build a great and motivated team without the overheads. Low Overheads

Would you like cut costs and outsource work to one of our professional and accredited WinWeb Cloud VAs? Contact us today...


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Business Cloud

Chances are that when you are reading this, everything is in place to use Business Cloud and Compatibility is no issue. Which it isn’t with most of the computers connected to the internet. What you may not know is that many other devices allow you to use Business Cloud as well.

Personal Computer, Mobile or Web-Enabled Devices

Any new or old PC or Apple Mac in desktop or laptop format will be Compatible. Web-enabled mobile phones, from any manufacturer like Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Siemens or our favourite iPhone from Apple Inc, will be Compatible. Many more web-enabled devices with an internet browser will also be Compatible and able to use WinWeb's Business Cloud.

Works With Any Current Operating System (OS)

Works With Any Current Operating System

It is pretty much the same story with operating systems (OS), almost anything still in circulation will work for us. Keeping your OS up-to-date is good for your security and functionality. See list below:

  • Apple Mac OS X Version 10.4 to 10.7
  • Microsoft Windows 7, Vista and XP
  • Linux Versions from Red Hat, Ubuntu, Debian and others

Works With Any Internet Browser

Works With Any Internet Browser

Internet browsers are generally all supported. We develop our software using currently the fastest browser available for Windows and Mac OS X, the Safari browser. Firefox and Opera browsers are perfect to use too. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7 does not fully conform to the internationally agreed web-standards, but is still fully supported by us. To keep your internet browser up-to-date is a must for your own security. Find the update links above, updates are free of charge so should be checked frequently.

Works With Your Favorite Boxed Applications

Our Business Cloud is fully Compatible with most of your favourite applications, like MS Office, iWork, iLife, OpenOffice.org and many other applications. You can back-up all the data to the online File Store within WinWeb's Business Cloud and other applications.

Works With Your Favorite Boxed Applications

Accounting data from other software packages like Sage, Quick Books, Iris, MYOB, Mamut and others can be imported via .csv-files. Should you need any assistance we are happy to help.

Works With Your Favorite Online Applications

Works With Your Favorite Online Applications

In the same way other online applications like email services from Google, Yahoo!, Hotmail, MSN, AOL and others can easily be transferred to and accessed from your Business Cloud. Any web-hosting and domain name services you have elsewhere can be transferred without effort to your Business Cloud, since all those services are included. Just let us know and we do the rest – easy.

Works With Your Favorite Online Applications

Online applications like PayPal, Skype, Google Checkout and many others are built into your Business Cloud as standard, as these fulfill important services and functions for your Business Cloud use. The safe and easy way to get paid by customers from around the world.

Minimum System Requirements

A computer should have about 512 MB RAM, hard-disk space if you want to back-up your Business Cloud data to your computer, video card and monitor with 1024 x 768 pixels resolution at a minimum of 256 colours, you do need an internet connection with a minimum 512kb bandwidth.

Synchronisation – Built In

WinWeb's Business Cloud is a web-application or SaaS – Software as a Service, this means you do not have to worry about your synchronisation of data between the different computers and other web-enabled devices you may use.

Find Out More About Compatibility...

Custom Solution

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Unlimited Changes

Custom Solution customers have the opportunity to change their custom solutions as often as they like, we understand that business evolves and priorities change.

Premium Support

As a Custom Solution customer you will have access to premium support, which will enable you to have all your custom functions supported by our staff. Premium Support

Customisation At Boxed Prices

Not every business is a big corporation, our prices for IT customisation compete price wise more with un-customisable boxed software.

No IT Dictatorship

You run your business your way, that is what makes this business your, unique and successful. Our Business Cloud does not impose how your business needs to work - we customise your Business Cloud, so it works like you.

Business Process

Customising your IT to fit your needs is not only part of the entrepreneurial process, but essential to business success. Controlling the business process with IT customisation will help to debug your business model.

Customer Care

Move your team and your customers into the center of your business for maximum business success. Allow your customers to engage with you and your team whichever way they want. Making it easy for clients to do business with you will give you more repeat business. IT Customisation will deliver all these benefits.

Standard Apps

Standard Apps Our Standard Business Software Apps are often only the beginning. While they are a great business start-up framework, a maturing business needs customised solutions to maximise business success.

Business Model

Only customised IT will support your business model - allow you to test your business model and make controlled customisation adjustments to fine tune the business model and business process.

Find out how IT customisation can save you money, time, hassle and increase revenue. Book a free consultation today...


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Entrepreneurship is an integral part of learning and education at all levels today. Starting a business, often even before the educational process is complete, is becoming more and more the norm. WinWeb supports these trends with educational discounts.

Educational Discounts

Educational discounts are available for accredited and registered educational institutions, teachers and students of these institutions.

Educational Institutions

Discounts for educational institutions as a whole are available.

Teachers & Tutors

Teachers can apply for class or group discounts.


Students can apply for project based educational discounts.

Real Business Tools. Real Learning.

Using state of the art business cloud computing tools during the learning process enhances the success rate when students transition from class room into the real world business environment.

Contact us for more details...

Enterprise Consultants

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Accredited WinWeb Enterprise Consultants

Our Accredited WinWeb Enterprise Consultants are business professionals with many years of relevant business experience. They have been there and run their successful own business in some cases for decades. They got 'the T-Shirt' - so to speak. Low Overheads

Business Mentors

All our WinWeb Enterprise Consultants are accredited Business Mentors and can help you to develop your business into the future. They are happy to be your sounding board for any business question you may have.

Global Partners

WinWeb Global Enterprise Consultants are organisations with a global reach, or with an export orientated offering, allowing you to grow in new global markets.

Local Partners

Our local WinWeb Enterprise Consultants are by definition in your local area and you will meet them at networking events or you can book a meeting or telephone call with them free of charge.

Specialist Partners

Some of our WinWeb Enterprise Consultants are specialists in their fields, i.e. accountants, financial advisors, marketing consultants, export consultants. Your local WinWeb Enterprise Consultant has access to these specialists and can include them in your support network if and when needed.

Help, Not Sell

All our WinWeb Enterprise Consultants are business people and need to earn money too, but they understand if we can not solve a problem or advance your business in any way, then there will be no sale. WinWeb's focus is HELPING you to become more successful, that is our business model.

A-Z Business Review

Our Enterprise Consultants are only to happy to do a A-Z Business Review of your business with you. Finding new and improved ways to run your business and focus on what is important to. As Business Mentors with often decades of experience WinWeb Enterprise Consultants are a great way to make sure you have covered all the bases.

Join The Team

Should you feel your business or you yourself fit the profile of an Accredited WinWeb Enterprise Consultants, have been running your own business for over five years or have worked in a business mentoring/advisor capacity then contact us today.

To book a free consultation with one of our Accredited WinWeb Enterprise Consultants, contact us today...

Enterprise Groupware

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WinWeb Enterprise Groupware - Enterprise solutions for the web, cloud and social media. Using WinWeb's remarkable apps beyond the digital, drives productivity, profitability while staying within set budgets. Discover more about WinWeb Groupware...

Secure Cloud

What is Groupware?

Groupware refers to programs that help teams to work together collectively while located in different physical locations. Programs that enable real time collaboration are called synchronous groupware. Groupware services can include the sharing of calendars, collective writing, e-mail handling, shared database access, electronic meetings with each person able to see and display information to others, and other activities.

WinWeb Enterprise Groupware.

Our groupware apps go beyond the traditional definition of enterprise groupware solutions, in as much that they are highly customisable and still remain very cost-effective, i.e. comparable in price to boxed groupware software. WinWeb Groupware Apps can be connected to any website and even social media, ie. facebook and twitter.

CloudVA - The Human Touch.

Combine WinWeb Enterprise Groupware with our CloudVAs to build powerful and partly outsourced project groups, with a much lower fixed cost footprint than traditional, in-house only resourced teams. Time-sharing professionals on a per project basis has never been easier using our groupware technology. WinWeb expands your groupware experience beyond the digital.

CRM. ERP. Projects. Help-Desk. More...

Any groupware is only as good as the individual apps that make up your groupware solutions. WinWeb Enterprise Groupware can offer a fast growing number of CloudApps, currently 100+, to fullfil the most demanding groupware specifications, in terms of number of groupware team members, global accessibility and around the clock availability.

Groupware With A Personality.

Every project based on cloud groupware technology is different. Utilising WinWeb MyApp technology will make not only your project a highly personalised experience. MyApp will turn your cloud groupware into a Enterprise Groupware, tailored to the specific needs of your project. Free of all the usual distractions introduced by irrelevant groupware functions, your project, budget and your team will thank you.

Platform Independent.

Todays enterprise IT systems are based on diverse OS and hardware platforms and different versions within each of the different OS systems. WinWeb Enterprise Groupware can be used independently of these traditional constraints, since all groupware apps are cloud computing apps. All that is needed are up-to-date internet browsers and you have your own project based groupware cloud. Enterprise groupware platforms include MAC, PC, tablets and smart mobile phones.

Secure Cloud

We can offer you a free demo and free trail for all our cloud groupware apps. Discover more about WinWeb Enterprise Groupware...


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Our Climate Is Changing. You Can Help. Work Online

There is a lot one can do to help the Environment with the choices we make buying products and services. WinWeb’s Business Cloud deploys Environmentally friendly business processes and technologies to help reduce our Carbon Footprint. By using the WinWeb Business Cloud as your business application you will not only gain all the benefits, but reduce your businesses Carbon Footprint too.

WinWeb You and the Environment

Paperless Office

WinWeb Apps will allow you to keep your information online and reduce your environmental footprint.

No Plastic. No Packaging

We don’t need CDs or DVDs to distribute our software. No packaging for us to send and you to bin.

Working from Home

Working from Home By working from home, you and nobody else needs to heat an office for you. It saves money too.

No Paper Manuals

Our support is online 24 hours every day. No need for manuals that would be out of date next week anyway.

No Shipping

No Shipping We deliver our product and services electronically, no need to transport boxes and burn fuel.

WinWeb's Business Cloud is Carbon Neutral

We plant trees for every server deployed. We just increased the processing power of our hosting facility eight fold, while at the same time reducing our power consumption by over 25%.

Older Computers Welcome

You don’t need the latest and greatest computer hardware for our software. Save money with your old computer.

Less Infrastructure

Outsourcing work to other businesses like your own, will double the benefits to our climate and save money for you.

Use of e-Documents

Use of e-Documents Using electronic documents, like e-Invoices, e-Estimates, e-Statements and many more, helps the Environment.

Less Travel

Business Cloud works anywhere and anytime, and is designed to help you collaborate worldwide with your colleagues, without travel.

Find Out More About WinWeb and Being More Environmentally Friendly...

Focus on Success

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No Distractions

Don't let your IT system keep you from getting new business, websites are done easily and better if you don't do them yourself. Focusing on your business goal is more important and more rewarding.

Don't Sell

Cold calling and phone sales is tough. The conversion rates are very low and the cost is very high. People do not want to be sold too, they are busy in their own life and not interested in what you want or need.

Solve Problems

Solve Problems Find the people who need your service/product and help them to solve their problem, that sells! Answering the phone and saying: " How can I help you?" is so much more rewarding and Successful in generating new business, than selling.

Focus On Your Strength

Using WinWeb Business Cloud you can Focus on the things you do well already, and you can Focus on doing them even better. Focus on your business, not your office.

Focus On Opportunities

Finding new opportunities and capitalising on them is important for every business. All the necessary functionality is already included in WinWeb's Business Cloud. Focus On Opportunities

Keeping It Simple

Keeping it Simple means you have more time for the important things in your life and in your business. Using WinWeb's Business Cloud makes it real simple - just call us.

Outsource Non-Core Tasks

Outsourcing is about giving work away and paying for that, but it is also an opportunity to take on new types of work as a team and making more money and gain new clients.

Keep Your Expenditure Low

Watching your costs and capital expenditure is key to keep your cash-flow up and running. Using Business Cloud will not only lower you monthly fixed costs, but save you from big capital expenditure.

Make More For Yourself

All these and the other Business Cloud benefits only mean one thing - more for you. Money, time with your family and/or friends or just going on that much needed break - all possible with WinWeb's Business Cloud.

Be Successful

To be Successful is not luck - with WinWeb Business Cloud it is by design and with planning. Stay away from anything that stops you doing what you set out to do and Focus on your customers and your team. Be Successful Find out how we can help you to get back to doing business, book a free consultation today...


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Every Online Business Is Global

Your website is a 'Global shopwindow' of your products or services. If you check your web statistics you will see many visitors from around the world. Why not sell to them... Business Go Global with WinWeb

Adjust Your Mindset

Globalisation is a mindset - adjust your thinking. WinWeb's Business Cloud already has all the tools to allow you to trade on a Global basis.

Benefit From Your 'Global' Business

Globalisation means new business, new markets and expanded opportunities. WinWeb's Business Cloud allows you to increase your profits by offering your services and products in Global markets.

Opportunities Are Everywhere

Opportunities are not limited to your local or national markets - look at the competition and you may find that you can already compete very favourably.

Focus On Your Goals

By expanding your markets you may be able to specialise more and with that streamline your operations, reduce costs and increase profits.

Business Collaboration Built In

WinWeb's Business Cloud has all the collaboration you'll ever need. We help you to find business partners in over 120 Global markets.

Sales Automation - Success Automation

Stop selling - start helping. WinWeb helps you to find new clients in new markets. We will increase your Facebook likes, Twitter followers and website visits, so you will get more enquiries and don't have to cold call. Sales Automation

Free A - Z Business Review

Speak with one of WinWeb's Business Enterprise Consultants today to find out how we can help you to succeed in business. Book a consultation now...


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On-Demand Software Solutions

Our solutions are based on Saas, Software as a Service, and are available 'Anywhere At Anytime'. Our Infrastructure requires no IT knowledge needed and offers hassle free operation with a real-time multi-user access system, increasing mobility and cultivating outsourcing techniques at the outset, i.e. virtual assistants

Networking Community for Small Business

To foster collaboration and outsourcing our Business Cloud positively encourages business networking with simple yet effective interaction between users in a safe and secure environment. Thus creating a Business Cloud Community network, enabling business owners to make decisions about their current needs with the benefits of timesharing virtual assistants, promote their business to a global or local audience and find new work and contracts online

24/7 Live Support

24/7 Live Support We Are Here For You Always. Providing customer care and support only during business hours is not acceptable to our clients. Experience has shown us that small businesses do most of their admin work before nine in the morning or after five in the evening. This practice is essential if the business is to survive it's early years

Business Advice

WinWeb's Business Cloud On-Demand Small Business Infrastructure™ enables business advisors, accountants, bookkeepers and other advisors to have a "Up Close and Personal" relationship with the small business owner, providing key elements for the success of a small business. With timely and up-to-date advice, an easily expandable advisor network, more efficient advisor function due to SaaS technology and less travel

Solution Partners

Third parties provide external services to complement our services, such as Consultancy, financial advice and business startup. These and other services are selected to provide the most reliable and up-to-date outsourcing facility possible - with the effect of enhancing the professional appearance of our clients

Climatebyte™ Technology

Climatebyte™ Technology Business Cloud clients are among the biggest demographics concerned with climate change and carbon footprint neutrality. It is a fact that employing remote working and collaboration techniques drastically reduces the damaging business side affects on our environment. We enable our clients to be more eco-friendly and aware, by providing them with our green technology - an ongoing development commitment of WinWeb.

Find Out More About Business Infrastructure...


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All-In-One Business System

WinWeb Business Cloud is an integrated approach to back office services, business IT, online business activities and human resources management for the 21st century.

Integrate Website/eShop

Online activities are core to any business today, they are not a standalone entity. Gaining business intelligence, booking online sales in your accounting, handeling online customer questions professionally, sending out email newsletters are all included in WinWeb Business Cloud.

Integrate Customer Care

Integrate Customer Care Your customers represent your businesses value, now and in the future. Using customer care technology which helps you to service your customers on-time every time makes good business sense. How does your customer care stack up?

Integrate Sales

Handling sales inquiries professionally will leave your customers feeling safe in the knowledge that they have chosen the right supplier. It will generate repeat business and word-of-mouth marketing for your business.

Integrate Marketing

Every time you help a client to achieve their goal you have the opportunity to turn this fact into a almost automated online marketing campaign - one that people trust and will bring new clients to your door.

Integrate Accounting

Accounting seems like an annoying chore, but unfortunately it is essential to understanding your business and keeping your business up-to-date. It allows you to see the effects of your marketing, online instantly and in black and white. Integrate Accounting

Integrate Customers

Allow customers to become part of your organisation, with our client login module. Clients can see their projects, statements, bookings and much more. Clients can even book their own appointments with you or your team, book a car service, a consultation or a hair cut.

Integrated Business Planning

Having a plan is always a good thing. Success is not luck, it's having a plan and focusing on it. That way you can evaluate more objectively if your business is performing the way you expect it too. If you do not have a plan/goal, you don't know if you are successful.

Integrate Social Media

Social Media is here to stay. These are new exciting channels to communicate with clients, create product and service awareness, keep clients up-to-date on the latest offerings and continuously engage with clients and prospective new clients. Every management system today needs to integrate with social media.

Integrated IT

IT is more than only software, it is servers, IT maintenance, software upgrades and installation, data back-up, fire-walling and much more - all this is included in WinWeb Business Cloud.

Integrate EPOS

Business in the high-street is an important part of the business cycle. These sales need to be integrated with your IT system without breaking the bank. It saves money, time and provides you with an always up-to-date view of your business.

Integrated Security

Problems happen, hard-disk failure, theft, strikes, fires, flooding, terrorism and so on - business continuity is essential for business survival. WinWeb Business Cloud allows you to work even if your office is closed.

To find out how WinWeb's Business Integration will benefit your business, book a free consultation today...

Online Circle Of Business

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The BusinessCloud for Enterprise is designed to help you to find new business by allowing your clients to endorse and recommend you to their network of colleagues, family and friends.

Online Circle

Endorsement, Discovery, Interaction, Transaction - Enterprise Rockers Cloud App


Word Of Mouth Online

New and existing clients endorse and recommend you and your business via:

  • Website
  • Social Media (Twitter & Co)
  • Email
  • Newsletters

This will bring new people
into your network.


Business Is Everywhere

Following your clients endorsements you’ll discover new members of your network and potential clients on:

  • Email
  • Twitter
  • Google +
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook

This will increase the
chances for new business.


Service and Experience

Offer help and support by using your
products and services and be great at:

  • Customer support
  • Service experience
  • Provide support
  • Order fullfillment

Your clients will become your business evangelists.


Trust & Engagement

Engage with your new and old
contacts online build your expertise:

  • Don’t sell
  • Solve client problems
  • Provide support
  • Be social

Over time this will generate new business.


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Core Competency

Focusing on your core competencies will increase your business success and customer satisfaction. Generating new and repeat business. Outsourcing

Micro Business

As a micro business owner it may be difficult to go on holiday or just to have a break because of project pressure. Working in a collaborative group will help you to get work-life balance back on track.

Find New Work

Take on bigger contracts and outsource what you can't do yourself. This enhances your business opportunities and increases revenue for your business. Outsourcing


Outsource part of projects to outside professionals, accelerating project completion and keeping internal costs to a minimum.

Timeshare Professionals

Use professionals on a time-shared basis to get your internal and external work done faster and to a higher work standard. This will build your own professional brand.

Secure Service and Business Environment

WinWeb provides a secure environment for service delivery and payment gateway, for all stakeholders in the outsourcing process. Allowing for fast project fulfilment and secure and guaranteed payment for approved work.

Let us show you how your organisation can benefit from outsourcing today...

Or join our team of outsourcing professionals...

Private Cloud

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Server Location

Depending on your application it is possible to host our servers in your IT department. This will still give you all the benefits of business cloud, but in your own environment. Server Location

Something New And Something Old

Something Old, Something New Give your old IT infrastructure a new lease of life, but connecting it to WinWeb Private Business Cloud. This protects your investments and starts building your future.

Satellite Offices

Use our Private Business Cloud technology to connect satellite offices and export offices to your headquarters. Cost-effective IT with rapid deployment times.

Customised IT

Your Private Cloud is highly customisable and can interface with different IT systems, allowing you to port and merge data from incompatible resources.


Your staff can use any type of allowable technology to connect to their business applications. Comprehensive access rights security enhances productivity, while protecting your company data.

Find out how WinWeb Private Business Cloud could help your business, book a free consultation today...

Productivity & Profitability

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Make More Money

Using WinWeb Business Cloud technology will allow you to cut away unnecessary costs, even cut down on staff. This will build a more sure business for your other employees and make more money for you. Focus on your goal

Focus On Success

Focusing on your business goal and not getting sidetracked is essential for long term business success. Everything that stops you from focusing on your business will hurt your Productivity & Profitability.

Have A Life

By using the latest Business Cloud technology you will free up some of your time and allow you to work from home, so you see your family a little more. You can even work while on a break, so no need to feel left out or guilty.

Stay True To Your Vision

Why did you start your business? Did you think it would be like this running your own business? WinWeb Business Cloud will let you get back to your vision, without losing control.


Involving your team, suppliers and your clients in your business will create a trusted environment for all concerned and profit your business in the long-run. Making it easy means making more money.


It's your business, you need to focus on your entrepreneurial goals, without losing control but at the same time increasing your Productivity & Profitability - all possible with WinWeb Business Cloud. Bottom Line

Let us show you how to increase your Productivity & Profitability, setup a One2One consultation today...


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The Way We Keep Your Data Safe.

Talking publicly about our Security measures is always a double-edged sword, since we feel our clients need to know what we do to keep their data safe, to judge us against other providers, while not giving away too much for obvious Security reasons. No Security system is ever perfect and totally Secure, but data protection legislation requires a minimum Security standard, which we and our partners surpass by what we believe to be a big margin.

Major Internet Nodes

Our servers are located at the major internet nodes globally. This ensures the fastest possible access to our Business Cloud, despite capacity challenges with most broadband clouds.

Physically Secure Server Location

Physically Secure Server Location A major part of data Security is physical Security of servers and data, with Secure access procedures to ensure compliance.

Advanced Fire-protection

All servers are housed in a fully air-conditioned and cleaned air environment, coupled with an automatic fire prevention, detection and extinguisher system to keep your data as Safe as possible.

Virus & Spam Protection

New and enhanced anti-spam and anti-virus appliances minimise the annoyance of this kind of online anti social behaviour. This kind of technology is in constant flux and requires constant attention and upgrades to our systems. To maximise these efforts we employ multiple and diverse systems.

Around The Clock Server Management

Around The Clock Server Management All servers are monitored for abnormal behaviour, managed, serviced and upgraded 24 hours everyday by trained specialists. This way we do not only rely on automated systems to watch over your data’s Security.

Multi-location Hosting

Just because you never know what disaster may happen tomorrow, we use a second Secure location to back up all your data on a continuous basis. Practically reducing any possible data loss to a few hours, thus enabling business continuity to the highest possible degree.

Multiple Firewalls

Multiple Firewalls Multiple firewalls for your data protection using NAT, non-routable IP space, robust stateful inspection, application layer Security and multi-vector attack protection, should keep you and us sleeping well. Using state-of-the-art Security technology is part of our Business Cloud experience.

We Are Online 99.999% Of The Time

The 2N+1 high power redundancy system – two different power feeds from two different power stations plus back-up power from installed power generators and UPS – has enabled us to deliver an SLA of 99.999% over the last 14 years and allows us to confidently promise this performance in the future

VPNs, SSL, Passwords And Data Encryption

All external access to our Business Cloud and servers, except for public http services, is via VPNs – Virtual Private Networks and SSL – Secure Socket Layer only. All of your data is readable only after a login/password challenge, otherwise not by us or any third party due to our data encryption technology. Only you can give access to your data.

Multiple RAID-5 & RAID 10 Data Storage

Multiple RAID-5 and RAID-10 Data Storage Using dual 4 Gb fibre-channel data storage with up to 32 15′000 rpm SAN drives, ideal for data-base driven applications like those included with our Business Cloud, ensures optimum performance. Add RAID levels 5, 6, 50 and 60, and you are talking about a highly Secure and maximum performance data delivery system.

You Can Take Part Too

If you feel like backing up your own data, then your Business Cloud has an easy to use function for you to use anytime too. However, keeping your operating system, internet browser and anti-virus software up-to-date is the best way to add to your data Security, while enhancing your computers performance at the same time.

Find Out More About Enhanced Security......


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Whenever you use new software there comes this point when you sit in front of an empty screen and wonder 'What next, where to start, will it work or is it a waste of time?' - Our setup process changes all that, we set your apps up for you, customising and personalising, while we go along. When you start using your software you will see your branding and your data and just start working.

Data Import

Any data you deliver to us in a .csv format will be imported by us into your WinWeb Apps. We even assist in finding the data you already have in your existing software.

Company Details

We import all your company details and make sure you are displaying all the relevant information on your websites, invoices, estimates and any other output your WinWeb Apps generate and display.

User Setup

Setup We setup any of your team members as you want them to be setup. We give them all the necessary rights and make sure that the rest of your data remains confidential.

Bank Connect

Connecting your WinWeb Accounting or Cashbook App to your bank has never been easier, how? Simple, we do it for you and make sure any changes in the future are being taken care off.

Logo Upload

If you have existing art work you wish to use inside and outside of your WinWeb Apps, we will import, resize and display your artwork. On your login screen, invoices, estimates, websites to name but a few. If you change your artwork, we change it too.

Document Setup

All your external documents, like invoices, newsletters, helpdesk tickets, email signature files will be setup for you. We make sure your branding is consistent and visible to all your clients and prospects.


Domain Name & Email

WinWeb will host and maintain all your internet domains and email accounts for you and your team. We can also generate email signature files for every team member.

Mobile vCards

With over 6 Billion mobile phone contracts and 1.2 Billion mobile data contracts, a mobile website in the form of WinWeb vCards are essential and free with any WinWeb subscription.

Let us show you how you can upgrade your business to WinWeb today...

Software as a Service – SaaS

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Work and collaborate, anytime and anywhere

Our software allows you to work with your accountant, colleagues, virtual assistants and others in real-time at anytime - whatever your business needs.

No commuting - No time wasting

With online technology you can work from anywhere, so no need to travel to an office. Run your small business from home and benefit in terms of time, money and investment.

SaaS - Everyone Online

Our software is always up to date

This really is one of the main benefits of SaaS. We make all the software updates on our servers, so you don't have to do anything. No update hassle and worry anymore. There are no "Update available - Please download" messages and no CDs / DVDs updates arriving in the mail.

No More Software Installation

Since our software comes to you via your internet browser, there is no need to install anything. Your printer will also work with our software without installation or any modifications. Our software works with any web browser, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox etc.

No security issues - No business interruption

Your data is continuously backed up onto multiple RAID-5 data servers in multiple physically and network secure data centres - if that is not enough you can make a copy of your data anytime onto your PC or a CD. Should your computer crash or get stolen - no problem, just log on to another computer and keep working - can your competition do that?

Never pay for software "updates" again!

No matter if we update or bug-fix, you will never have to pay for them again, it is all part and parcel of our service. Artificially accelerated software cycles are a thing of your past.

Fully Compatible with any Operating System

Our software runs on any Operating System (OS) with Linux, Mac, Windows and some others - you login and use it.

24/7 Live Support 365 days a year

We believe that you will be busy during the day with your clients and with working on new projects and so you should - after the phone stops ringing you get down to your admin work. So we thought we better be around in case you need some support for any of our products. It would be no good if we weren't around now, would it?

Safari RSS bookmark window

No Long Contract

No minimum term, cancel anytime, no contract needed and you can test drive any software for a minimum of 30 days free of charge. This puts you in control. Unlike the boxed software you buy, once you paid for it, it's yours including the problems. Not so with our software.

ClimateByte? Technology

Our environment is in trouble - by using our On-Demand Small Business Infrastructure?, you can help to reduce your carbon footprint and help our environment - we are dedicated to develop our future products and services with this in mind.

Find Out More About Software as a Service-SaaS...

Starting a Business

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Plan Your Success

Success is not luck - it is planning. WinWeb Business Mentors can help you to plan with some insight into running a business. Business Mentors can give you the experience you may lack or at least another angle to consider in your plan. Get help with planning

WinWeb Business Cloud

Our business software will provide you with a complete IT Infrastructure, while our Business Mentors will help you to develop your business plan and stay on track.

Take It To The Bank

A business plan is a necessary business tool to get finance for any business, not only for business startups. WinWeb Business Cloud will not only give you the tools to plan, but also track your progress. This will help you to get finance easier.

Plan Your Business

Every business startup needs a plan, setting out your goal and vision is an integral part of being successful. If you don't know where you are going, you can never arrive.

Test Your Plan

Simple tools like cash-flow planning and SWOT analysis will help you to check your vision and provide you with a reality check. Problems are to encountered, if and how you solve them is what makes you into an entrepreneur. Starting a Business

Book your free "Starting A Business" consultation with one of our Business Mentors today...


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Reduced Office Costs

Keep down your cost and increase productivity. The cost savings are on office space costs and all associated costs, i.e. heating, lighting, business rates, rent.


No commuting costs, less demand for our already overloaded transport infrastructure, no need to heat and light extra workspace, cost savings for your business - these are just a few environmental benefits. Local Coverage

Skills Shortage

With so many highly trained and motivated parents and carers bound to their homes, Teleworking represents a great way to include the Teleworkers in our economy and workforce. Even if they can only work part-time, WinWeb's Business Cloud allows you to integrate these Teleworking colleagues cost-effectively.

Business Resilience

Strikes, severe weather and other events can threaten business continuity. Teleworking using WinWeb's Business Cloud can often carry on working when this is impossible for office-based colleagues.

Workforce With Disabilities

This is a great way to include disabled people in your workforce, or those who care for disabled family members.

No Capital Expenditure

Most Teleworkers already have a computer, broadband and office furniture - saving you money and improving your cash-flow.

Better Work-Life Balance

More work freedom and flexibility, less stress and cost with commuting. This is especially true for parents with caring responsibilities for children.

Local Coverage

Teleworkers offer a great way to have local offices and support clients in local communities at no extra cost. Local Coverage Find Out More About Teleworking...

Your Customers

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Solve Problems

Helping your customers to solve their problems is the best way to get business. Understand and monitor your clients needs and react early to them - resulting in happy customers. Your customers are your business partners too. Solve Problems

Don't Sell - Don't Spam

Customers don't want to be sold too or spammed - it is annoying and irritating. There is a fine line between informing customers and spamming customers.

If you engage with your customers on a personal level, they will engage with you too. If you treat your customers as a number they will treat you as a supplier.

People Do Business With People

Customers are people, we are social animals. That is why social media is so popular around the world. Relationship is king.

Good Customer Service

Customer service is paramount, perfect customer service is an art form. We will help you to get it right and offer consistently perfect customer care to your customers. Perfect customer care happens by design.

Even if you have a large number of clients and decades of interaction with them, there is no excuse for treating them like just another number. Use Business Cloud technology to personalise your relationship with your clients. Good Customer Service

Good Products & Services

Letting customers know what your products/services are and delivering these in a professional manner is easy with our project management tools. Following up with a call or two, making sure customers are happy, will enhance your chance of repeat business.


Customers talk, if you are lucky they will talk about you and tell everyone how good your service is. Even better they may use social media to tell the story about your company. Social media is nothing else but word-of-mouth online, this will increase the reach of their influence. Word-of-mouth is the most potent form of marketing and best of all it's free.

Part Of Your Team

Customers are part of your team. They let you know what they want, so it should be easy to get it right. Customers are human beings, you need to engage with them. It is easy with WinWeb Business Cloud to treat your customers as human beings and not as numbers in a database.

Focus On Customers

Your customers are the source of your income, at present and in the future. Value your relationship with each one of your customers and receive new or repeat business and free word-of-mouth marketing.

Let us show you how to engage with your customers, present and past, and reactivate them for your business. Book a free One2One consultation today...

Your Team

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In Your Office

Offer your team the best IT business platform and they will perform better for your business. Allow your team the freedom to use any hardware platform (Mac, PC, Tablet, Mobile) with a consistent user interface (UI).

Working From Home

Extending your office reach to the home - either as an employee or home business owner - generates economic and work-life balance benefits, which in turn enhance productivity and with that profitability. Working From Home

In Your Department

Reorganising department teams is not only about HR. Offer flexible, easy and secure Business Cloud IT to connect to legacy systems with minimum deployment costs and future proofing your IT investments.

In Your Workgroup

Setup global ad-hoc workgroup teams, internally and externally, and control access with easy access control and deployment features. Control the scope and activity of your workgroup team, with full access to all data in an instant.

Project Team

Provide project teams with easy, secure and fast business tools to get their project online, keep it on-track and under control. Not only will your team be more productive, but show their professionalism to clients.

Cloud VAs

Supplement your team with Cloud VAs for temporary HR resource bottlenecks or to add a special skill set to your team, which may only be required for a limited time.

Procedure Control

Use IT flexibly to control procedures for business or legal reasons, while allowing your team the greatest amount of operational freedom.

Timeshare Professionals

Involve outside professionals in your team activity - accountants, surveyors, etc. - they bill you by the hour and provide you with all their knowledge and experience, delivered directly into your Business Cloud.

Team Creativity & Innovation

Providing state-of-the-art 'teamware' Business Cloud technology will allow ideas to flow freely and enhance the creativity and innovation inside your organisation.

Micro Business - Global Team

Micro Business Global Team Even as a one person business you can have a global team.

Let us show you how our 'teamware IT' can help you to transform your business and your team, book a free consultation today...