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24/7 Support

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A-Z Business Review

A-Z Business Review We can help you to save money, time and update your business processes to make your business more productive and more profitable. Our Business Mentors are available for a complete business review to help you to be more successful.

Free One2One

To get you started with our software and/or services we offer free One2One training sessions. Getting up and running with your new software is essential to avoid business interruption.

Business Mentors

All our client facing staff are qualified Business Mentors, we don't talk to you about "Bits 'n' Bites", we talk to you about your business and how we can help you to achieve your goals.

Support Tickets

Every time you contact us, we create a Support ticket. In it we document what we do for you and how we answer your questions. These tickets are available to you for later reference, so you don't need to worry about forgetting some details.

Cloud VA Support

Our fast growing and global Cloud VA network provides you with perfect outsourcing opportunities.

Email Support

We offer 24/7 Support via email, usually we respond to you within two hours at any time of the day. You can always respond to the emails we send you to update any issues you have raised with us.

Phone Support

In some cases we may decide to call you back if it shortens the time to get your issue resolved - this is completely free of charge to you. Phone Support

Screen Sharing

We may use screen sharing technology, i.e. we share our screen with you or ask you to share your screen with us. This allows us to look at the same screen and easier understand your issue or show you how to do certain tasks. This technology is completely safe and requires you to authorise each session in which we would see your screen. You are in control at all times.

Support History

We give you access to our system and the information we hold about you on our system. Allowing you to see a complete history of our relationship and up-coming events.

Support Forum

Our Support forum is a great resource for everything business, be it cloud computing, sales & marketing online or outsourcing some non-core business processes. Have a look...

Support Forum

Premium Support

Premium Support is for our custom solution clients. If our standard software is not meeting your requirements and you wish to customise our software, to increase business efficiency, we charge a Support premium of 20% to 30% on our standard software license prices.

Partner Support

Our Authorised WinWeb Consultants are business professionals in your local area to provide you with a more hands-on and personal Support in your local area. Some of our consultants have very specialised knowledge, like finance, marketing, etc. and as such work nationwide. Just let us know what you need.

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